selenium automation testing

Why Should IT Companies Use Selenium?

Each IT company has to consider several factors to make its internet application popular. In addition to optimizing the application’s look, feel and performance, it also needs to make the app compatible with widely used web browsers. As a portable software testing framework, Selenium makes it easier for IT companies to automate browsers for testing purposes. It comes with a set of tools required for automating web browsers across multiple platforms. There are also several reasons why an IT company must use Selenium to test its websites and web applications.

selenium automation testing

What Makes Selenium Useful for IT Companies?

Open Source
Despite being a hugely popular software testing framework, Selenium is open source. So it can be used by both large and small IT companies without paying any licensing fees. But Selenium can be used by a company to accomplish several tasks. Along with automating browsers for testing purposes, the framework can also be used for automating web-based administration tasks.

Easy to Learn
As Selenium IDE is designed with HTML features, the testing professionals can learn and use it without putting any extra time and effort. They can further refer to the robust document to learn how to use the testing tools efficiently. The testing tools can also be used by testers who know only HTML. So it becomes easier for IT companies to adopt Selenium without providing comprehensive training to employees.

Works with Major Operating Systems and Web Browsers
Despite being open source, Selenium supports a wide range of operating systems and web browser. At presents its supports major platforms like Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux. Likewise, it also supports a wide range of web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. So it becomes easier for IT companies to evaluate how the web application performs across major web browsers and operating systems.

Supports Multiple Programming Languages
Selenium supports multiple programming languages through Selenium drivers. The drivers are designed as customized libraries for specific programming languages. So the testers have option to write test cases in C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Ruby or Objective-C. As Selenium does not include a testing framework, the testing professionals can use it with other testing frameworks. An IT company can use Selenium to reduce the time and effort required for writing test cases.

Smart Record and Play Option
Selenium further allows developers to create test cases just like recording and running Macro in Microsoft Excel. They can simply right click on a specific test, and incorporate the required changes. The right clicking feature further allows testers to add a variety of options like assertions and element locators. Also, they can run the tests in the background, while concentrating on other aspects of the project.

Allows Running Multiple Tests Simultaneously
Selenium allows testers to run multiple tests at a time, along with combining individual tests. The advance test suite provided by Selenium makes it easier for testing professionals to combine multiple tests in a single batch. Also, the single batch can be reused for testing different projects. So Selenium helps IT companies in drastically reducing the amount of time required for web browser automation.

Facilitates Quick Debugging of Test
In addition to allowing testers to combine individual tests, Selenium further helps them in debugging a test just in a few minutes. While running a test, the testers can simply monitor the report displayed below the test screen to find out the current status. So they immediately find out whenever a test fails. The report further highlights the where the test fails. The testers are required to work on the highlighted areas to make the test run successfully. At the same time, they can combine Selenium with other testing tools to control the debugging more efficiently.

Each IT company also has option to choose Selenium IDE or Selenium WebDriver. The Selenium IDE can be used as a Firefox add-on to conduct simple record-and-playback of interactions with the browser. On the other hand, the Selenium WebDriver can be used to create browser-based regression automation, while scaling and distributing scripts across multiple environments.

You can hire testers from selenium test automation companies in India who can help you accomplish testing with the selenium tools within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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