Top 5 iPhone Apps of 2014 that has Boosted Marketing Efforts of Organizations

The huge popularity of mobile devices has completely transformed the marketing landscape for businesses. An organization has option to use several mobile apps to boost its marketing efforts. These iPhone apps make it easier for a business to promote its products or services, attract and interact with customers, keep them engaged, and retain them. At the same time, there are several innovative apps that help organizations in making marketing tools and data available to its marketing staff regardless o their current location. If you are looking for iPhone apps to boost your organization’s marketing efforts, it is time to have a look at some of the top applications of 2014 for marketers.

Top 5 Apps that Have Effectively Boosted an Organization’s Marketing Efforts

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1) Signals by HubSpot
Nowadays, each business promotes its products and services by sending emails. To optimize the email marketing campaign, the managers need to understand the email habits of prospects. HubSpot has designed the Signals apps to make it easier for marketing managers to learn about the email habits of prospects. The iPhone app helps businesses in monitoring and tracking a prospect’s activities on emails, LinkedIn, HubSpot and Salesforce. It sends notification to the user each time an email is opened. Also, the user can know who opened the mail, the device it was opened on and IP address of the device. So an organization can use the app to optimize its email marketing campaign by knowing the email habits of prospects.

2) Google Apps
Google allows marketers to access an array of innovative apps on their iPhones. The Google Apps for iPhone includes Google app, Google Map, Google+, Hangout, Chrome, Gmail, YouTube and Google Drive. These apps make it easier for marketing professionals to stay connected with each other despite varying geographical locations. Further, they can use the apps to access key marketing data and information on the go. Each organization must encourage its marketing staff to install and use Google Apps for iPhone to effectuate the marketing efforts.

3) DropBox
As a hugely popular project file sharing application, DropBox does not need any introduction. The DropBox app for iPhone enables users to store, sync and share folders online through a straightforward interface. The users can store their document, photos and videos to their DropBox, and access the content from anywhere. The DropBox app makes it easier for marketing professionals to access the required information on the go. As most organizations, nowadays, work with remote and distributed marketing teams, the DropBox app will help the employees in sharing important files with their teammates and contacts.

4) UberConference
As the name of the app indicates, UberConference allows users to make visual conference calls on their iPhones. The iPhone app makes it easier for users to stay connected with their teammates, managers and head office through video conferencing regardless of their current location. It allows users to create instant visual conferences on the fly, while keeping track of the calls. The app further helps the user in understanding who is talking and who is on the call. The user can further record the conference for future reference. An organization must use the UberConference app for iPhone to facilitate coordination and interaction between members of remote marketing teams.

5) AnalyticsPro2
AnalyticsPro2 is redesigned with a new gesture based UI, new feature and new reports. It allows users to generate 61 reports organized into 8 sections, I.e., visitors, traffic source, content, goals, social, app tracking, e-commerce and summary. The updated graphing engine enables AnalyticsPro2 to enhance the reports with new graph styles and improved clarity. At the same time, the innovative data caching techniques help the app in loading the reports quickly without using extra bandwidth. Each organization needs the iPhone app to view the Google Analytics data in a faster, easier and engaging way.

On the whole, each organization has option to choose from loads of iPhone apps for marketers. That is why; a business must pick the right apps according to its marketing efforts. Along with picking the right iPhone apps for marketer, it is also important for the business to encourage its marketing people to use these applications on a regular basis.

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