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Similarities in Selenium (Se) & Quick Test Pro (QTP)

Undeniably, one particular leading commercial player available in the market for functional automation is the QTP. It’s a simple and very easy to use tool which works very well with Windows as well as with Web based applications. The key language is VB script and the tool in fact is very effective with features, an organization does not really need an experienced coder in order to write a standard automation script. It has relevant add-ons which gives the freedom and ability for testing web-services as well as service virtualization. Object repository is among the best features about any commercial tool which automatically suffices a necessity to become component oriented. This particular tool is in its best in terms of navigation, results validation, reports and so on. The companies does not have to concern about integration of QTP compared to other supportive components. QTP is actually integrated by Quality Center so that various top quality dashboards could be configured. One more appealing factor is the unique type and the amount of support one would probably get if someone ever come across technical problems.

selenium website testingQTP is expensive when comparing that with any other open-source or even commercial tools and the license charges are completely based on volume and also the kind of licenses. Besides, in order to get add-ins integrated, one must need to spend more money. The licensing charges are never done on single purchase however it grows over many years to come because applications usually grow over some time along with latest features and technologies to fulfill the requirements on the competitive market. In case companies upgrade their applications but do not upgrade QTP, in that case it could be technically difficult to maintain automation enabling all that money invested in tool and effort invested by automation resources. Therefore, an organization must regularly invest in order to update QTP with the latest features which support the new technology. Although the scripting duration is not so much, and the execution duration is pretty higher because it takes the whole armor along forcing load on the CPU and RAM. In addition, it mainly deals with windows setting and limited range of browsers support.

The decision makers at QA, usually feel happy when anything comes for them like a freebie particularly in the price consuming testing automation space. Selenium comes with the open source advantages and additionally it supports a number of languages including PHP , Java, Python, C#, Ruby and also pure JavaScript. Selenium is currently a very powerful Open Source Automation tool around and is based upon java script to a great extent. Which is more suitable for the agile method in coding & testing. Windows based application is not supported by this, however it is among the ideal tools for the web-based automation & supports all the browsers including FF, IE, Safari, Chrome, etc.

Selenium does integrate with almost anything to provide with a powerful framework like Maven or even Ant for the source-code compilation. Selenium further helps to enter bugs or problems to JIRA, a bug management tool, with Jenkins. Through the help of Jenkins or Grid, testers may be able to link several nodes to perform various tests in parallel. Price is the greatest benefit since it is a freeware which is integrated along with other open source tools. The one cost that has to be invest is on the human resource, individual or on a team, who is familiar with all the above stuff. Companies should spend on a resource who is familiar with coding according to standards. The resource need to be trained in framework architecture and several components which fit in.

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