Reasons for Symfony being the high performance PHP framework

Symphony, introduced in 2005, works as a tool to develop faster and better applications that are in perfect compliance with the business rules. One of the reasons why Symfony is preferred as a PHP framework is because it develops apps that are structured and easily upgradable and maintainable. Moreover, it is also a faster option as the generic models can be reused by the developers. This, in turn, saves times and the developers can focus on the other issues. However, it can be said in this regard that using a framework is not an absolute necessity but such a tool helps to develop applications better and quicker. If you are using a framework at all, then it is important that you pick the right one.

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Here are some of the reasons why Symfony is termed as a high performance PHP network:

Provides Stability
Being a stable environment, Symfony is widely used by the professionals across the globe. Thus, it has become a popular name and is recommended by several developers. In addition to this, an active community of developers, users, integrators and others contribute regularly to enrich this tool further.

Providing long term support
Symphony is a tool that was designed by the professionals for the professionals. Hence, in many ways it is a realistic solution that caters to the essential requirements. In this regard, long term support is one feature that proves helpful to the developers. In addition, Symfony is distributed with Open source MIT license. The USP of this license is that it does not pose any hindrances and enables the development of Open Source without any hassles. It can also be applied to develop proprietary apps.

Offers adequate tools
With Symfony there is no need to reinvent tools for every project. There are ample numbers of solutions including templates for rendering pages, secure apps with login forms, authenticate the submitted forms, etc.

Plenty of reusable codes
If you are looking for reusable codes, then there are many of them which you can use. Although it is said that the qualities of the codes vary but there are certain codes that can prove real worthy. Moreover, if you have successfully developed something unique, it is quite easy to share the same by making use of the Composer on Packagist and GitHub.

Flexibility is a blessing
The developers can decide for themselves completely on all the components present in Symfony. All the parts in this framework can be easily replaced according to the developer’s implementations. Such flexibility is possible with the dependency inversion principle. This is practiced everywhere in the codebase of Symfony.

Easily available resources
While using Symfony the developer will never have to think about support. All kinds of resources are available in the form both company as well as community support. Hence, there is consulting, mailing lists, training, IRC, etc for finding answer to your queries. There are also a host of works associated with this framework which can help the developers out while working on apps and websites.

Create as you want
Another USP of this PHP tool is that there is no admin panel or interface. After installing the Standard Edition, a welcome as well as some demo pages will appear. The rest of it has empty spaces which you can fill up with your own application codes. Thus, the developers can use some pieces of the software block for the project. There are forms management, dependency, injector, etc to help in the development process. Thus, there is the liberty of not using the framework entirely.

Tasks are fun to carry out
Building and integrating this PHP framework just requires typing few words in the command line. You just have to put ‘./symfony’ in the project directory and a list of tasks will be made available to you for completing your app.

ORM solves database problems
The ORM is a blessing. Doctrine is the default choice as the primary ORM. Thus, there is no need of writing the elaborate SQL statements. This framework deals with the database completely and the developers can fully concentrate on the apps.

Packed with such benefits, the Symfony has undoubtedly emerged as one of the high performing PHP frameworks presently.

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