PHP – A Language Recommended for Substantial Web Development

Each programmer has option to use PHP as either a general-purpose programming language or a server-side scripting language. But the effectiveness of PHP as a server-side scripting language can be determined from the fact that the programming language is currently installed on millions of websites and web servers. As PHP is open source, it can be availed by both large and small organizations to curtail the overall web application development cost. At the same time, the feature-rich programming language further makes it easier for programmers to write complex and large internet applications without investing any additional time and effort.

What Makes PHP the Best Option for Substantial Web Development?

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Platform Independent: Nowadays, organizations explore ways to make their internet applications compatible with major operating systems and web browsers. So the developers are required to write the code in the programming language that supports all platforms. As PHP is platform-independent, it helps programmers in writing websites and internet applications that can run seamlessly on major operating systems and web browsers.

Supports Major Web Servers and Databases: To create a high-performing website, the enterprise has to choose the right web server and database along with the programming language. PHP supports a wide range of web servers and databases. It supports major web servers like Microsoft IIS, Netscape, Apache, iPlanet server and personal webserver. So it becomes easier for the organizations to implement the internet application flexibly. Likewise, it can optimize the application’s performance by choosing from several databases including MySQL, SQLite, ODBC, IBM DB2, FrontBase or InterBase.

Easy to Integrate with Other Technologies: Most internet applications, nowadays, rely on third-party APIs to deliver rich user experience. The third-party APIs are written in a wide range of programming languages. The platform-independent nature of PHP makes it easier for developers to integrate it with other web technologies. Further, the developers can also reuse the existing software components while updating or redesigning an existing website or internet application.

Option to Implement Changes: The constant changes in the lifestyle and preferences of users make it essential for business to modify the web application’s functionality. Sometimes the functionality of the website needs to be changed during the project. Likewise, new functionalities must be added to the website to deliver impressive user experience. PHP makes it easier for programmers to implement changes both during and after the project. So it becomes easier for the organization to constantly update its website without putting any extra time and effort.

Reduced Time to Market: Each organization wants to beat competition by launching the web application as quickly as possible. Therefore, enterprises look for effective web technologies to accomplish short time to market. As a dynamic and powerful server-side scripting language, PHP helps programmers in fast implementation of large and complex web solutions. So it becomes easier for the business to avail competitive advantage by launching the new application within a shorter span of time.

Benefits of LAMP Stack: As an open source web application development framework, LAMP stack Includes Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. The platform is user widely for developing and implementing mission-critical internet applications. It further provides a solid and secure foundation required by high performing websites and web applications. So an organization can always use LAMP stack to avail the combined benefits of several web technologies including PHP.

Availability of Free Code Samples: Often developers have to write longer lines of code to add new functionality to an internet application. But the PHP developers have option to access loads of freely available code samples to accomplish most arcane of tasks. They can further avail the assistance of large and active community of PHP developers to build complex internet application without requiring extra coding time.

The web developers also have option to use PHP code in a flexible way. Along with HTML code, the PHP code can also be combines with a variety of web application development frameworks and templating engines. So it becomes easier for web programmers to complete large and complex projects without requiring any extra coding time.

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