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What Should You Know about PHP Net Enhancement?

As a dynamic programming language, PHP can be used for both server side scripting and general contexts. The developers can create a variety of web applications by combining PHP and HTML code. So it becomes easier for them to reduce development time and efforts by using a variety of frameworks and templating engines. At the same time, the programmers also have option to use several PHP Net enhancements to optimize the performance of their application without writing lengthy and complex code. Each developer must know some of commonly used PHP enhancements to deliver richer user experience.

Some of the Widely Used PHP Net Enhancements

New and Improved Memory Manager
Often web application developers have to explore ways to manage memory more efficiently. The new and improved memory manager provided by PHP helps programmers in managing memory effectively. In addition to being faster, the memory manager increases the default memory limit, and allocates less memory. As it allocates memory from the system in large blocks, the manager manages the heap more efficiently. The memory manager further evaluates the actual block requests from the system by checking the memory_limit value in php.ini. As it calculates the memory overhead required by the malloc library, the manager calculates the memory usage in a more accurate way.

php application development

Support for Constructors in Interfaces
PHP developers have option to declare constructors in interfaces. Thus, an interface can has constructors. But to declare a constructor in interface, the programmers have to include a constructor with a signature matching that of the base interface constructor in each class implementing the constructor. So the constructor needs to have signature like parameter and return type definitions. The latest version of PHP now provides additional support for constructors in interfaces. So the construction signature can be forced during implementation without checking the base interface constructor.

Support for Generators
The updated version of PHP comes with additional support for generators through the yield keyword. So the programmers can now use generators to easily implement simple iterators by avoiding the complexity of implementing a class implementing the iterator interface. For instance, a programmer can use a generator to write code that iterate over a set of data using foreach without creating an array in the memory. Thus, it becomes easier for him to iterate over the data without requiring additional memory and processing time.

NetBeans PHP Enhancements Plug-in
The programmers can avail the PHP enhancements plug-in to write code smoothly by availing a number of small features. For instance, they can simply press Ctrl + Shift + BACK_SPACE to delete strings smartly. Likewise, the plug-in further allows them to generate dummy text, generate dummy images, and convert strings to HTML entities, convert HTML entities into strings. Also, they can use plug-in for code completion for method and function parameters.

OPcache Extension
The latest version of PHP comes with the new OPcache extension. The extension enhances the performance of PHP by adding benefits of Zend Optimiser+ opcode cache. PHP programmers can use the extension to store precompiled script bytecode in shared memory. So PHP application will not be required to load and parse the scripts each time a user sends request. The programmers also have option to use several OPcache functions to accomplish tasks like compiling and caching a PHP script without executing it, and getting cache configuration information. However, OPcache extension can be compiled only as a shared extension. So the option to build default extensions must be enabled.

The most recent version of PHP also comes with a number of new features and extensions. So the programmers can migrate to PHP 5.6 to avail new features like support for more MIME types, internal operator overloading, argument unpacking and over 2 GB upload.

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