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Top features of Laravel that would wow a developer

Laravel is a great framework for modern web application development which helps in easy as well as quick designing of customized web applications. Development process is made way easier since the common tasks undertaken in major web projects like routing, authentication, caching, sessions, etc can be done easily. The general good coding helps in making the look of the code really beautiful which in turn makes it enjoyable for the developers to use it. In fact large projects find it especially beneficial. Some of the really great features that have wowed the developers and multiplied its popularity are given here.

Cleanliness as well as precision- There was a time when the coding in PHP used to be long as well as cumbersome. The countless lines embedded in to the unreadable, frigid framework made a mess out of things; this led to huge problems in maintaining or editing a website. But with this framework the entire coding process is simplified, since the code becomes short by itself. The code becomes more readable since there are certain short codes to denote specific functions. This feature is known as Eloquent here which is often considered as PHP’s best ActiveRecord implementation.

php website development

Unit testing- This integral feature helps in running of several tests so that you can ensure that nothing backfires with the introduction of new changes. In fact, the entire industry considers it as a very stable release due to its cautious nature. Developers love using it; even unit-tests for individual codes can be easily written. Then the tests can be run with command-line utility called Artisan.

Routing system- Routing in the framework follows an extremely easy-to-use as well as simple approach. The route triggered on application becomes more controlled and flexible in Laravel. Any desired URL can be matched with the creation of a directory. Links can even be created to named routes. All the developer has to do is just use the name of the route when the links are created and immediately the correct URL will be inserted automatically by the framework. By virtue of this feature, routes can be changed at a later stage so that all relevant links can be updated site-wide.

Decoupled components- As it is, there is not too much code in Laravel but another advantage is that all the code is not packed in just a single repository; all functionality comes separated which is known as Illuminate Components. Composer is used by app project so that dependencies can be managed. All the dependencies come as separate and decoupled with the use of service locators. With decoupling Illuminate Components can be selected according to requirement and used in individual projects. Whatever is needed can be used separately without any hassles or conditions.

Automatic pagination- By virtue of this feature, application logic does not end up getting cluttered up with huge amount of pagination configuration. The selected data as well as db records can be counted through the use of offset or limit which is known as paginate that forms an interaction with Laravel on where the paging links can be outputted in view. The design of this pagination system has been done keeping in mind programmers so that their work may be easily implemented and changed if the need so arises. These things may be handled automatically by the framework so that the tasks become easier.

Developers mayeasily create their own individual infrastructure by virtue of the unique architecture of Laravel which is particularly suited for this purpose. This promising platform boasts of expressive and simple syntax which helps in creation of great functional applications very easily. The community has many active members who may always lend out helping hands to those who need or those who are new to the discipline. All these features are surely enough to wow any developer.

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