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Myths and misconceptions among mobile developer community

Mobile web access is rising at a fast pace; according to latest findings, the revenue generated from mobile apps may exceed $70 billion by 2017. Such potential has prompted companies to give more emphasis towards the development of mobile apps. With this urgency, many software and tools have come to the rescue of the developers. However, since the experience that these developers have is limited, many myths as well as misconceptions have crept up in the development community. Here’s taking a look at some of the myths and misconceptions that are prevalent and should be debunked immediately.

Building native apps require a huge development team- If you start to write codes for all devices and operating systems, then the process might turn out to be a labour-intensive one. This is especially true in case the user audience number stands at more than thousands. To solve this issue, enterprise mobility platforms may be used for development of native apps which can be deployed across several devices. This significantly reduces the workload, making it totally unnecessary to employ a huge workforce.

mobile app programmers

Quality is same for traditional as well as mobile applications- This thought has no connection; both the concepts are different thus needing different approaches. This is a really point important point to consider since if the same technologies are adopted then the mobile application will invariably load slowly; this will turn off the users who will delete the app and look for better options.

For cross-platform support, apps need to be built individually for every device- This concept not only involves huge support but vast amount of time and money. The best method is one-time configuration through mobility platform and then running it everywhere technique. This turns out to be a cost-effective strategy that can enable just a single person to manage everything. According to the app’s complexity, apps can be built as well as deployed for all platforms within a few weeks.

After building apps, no changes can be incorporated- You can easily avoid this by adopting the correct mobility platform which will offer the perfect flexibility so that users can introduce real-time changes. If you choose the correct platform then all hassles related to recoding, regression testing, recompilation as well as resubmission to app stores can be avoided completely. By virtue of drag-and-drop IDE, the apps can be easily changed according to requirements, in just a matter of seconds. These platforms are not only flexible but agile as well which prove to be wonderful for growing and evolving companies since new changes and features can be added simultaneously.

App development is really affordable- This is a very subjective concept since there are different rates charged by different companies. However, at the end of the day, the simplicity of the app or features to be incorporated in it, are the factors that determine whether the entire process is going to be a costly or affordable one.

Cross platforms apps are not best in functionality- Many people are assailed with the misconception that multiplatform apps are weak with low functionality, but that is all it is- a misconception. It is true that there are individual benefits as well as challenges associated with all platforms and not all of them are equal. However, functionality-rich apps may be developed very easily. In fact, adopting a mix of hybrid and native has become the latest norm; this in turn is prompting the invention of more platforms as well as solutions for its facilitation.

There are many misconceptions surrounding the best ways for establishing mobile strategies in a network for a business. These myths may harm the progress of a growing enterprise. So dispelling these myths as well as adopting a comprehensive approach to cover all aspects is an urgent need which will truly transform as well as extend your business to soaring heights.

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