Jython – Things to know about

Jython, an open source, implements the Python programming language that is integrated with the Java platform. To run this object-oriented and dynamic language a programmer has to compile Python source code with Java bytecode. When a programmer integrates Python and Java, it gives him an access to all the Java libraries. By using the libraries, Applets and JavaBeans can be used by assigning the classes of any of these languages as sub-classes under the other. Continue reading Jython – Things to know about

Applet In Java – How It Helps In Programming?

Java Applet, a snippet code, is created by using the Java bytecode. This program is written in Java programming language. The bytecode is a kind of a programming that is exclusively utilized for Java programming. Whilst the Applet can run on a web browser with the help of tools like JVM or Java Virtual Machine, standalone ones, like, the Sun Applet viewer can also be employed to test this application. Although the Java programming language is generally used to write the applets but other languages can also be used for the purpose, such as, Jython. Once the program is completely compiled, it can easily run on most of the web browsers across various operating systems. So whether you use a Mac, Windows, UNIX or Linux systems, the applets will run hassle free. Continue reading Applet In Java – How It Helps In Programming?

The Importance Of Software Testing For IT Businesses

Software testing is a crucial part in developing projects. Through this process information related to the quality of the software developed is evaluated by the programmer or developer. With rising competition it seems fair to launch the product before your competitors and fix the bugs later. It does sound appealing but this would not ensure success for your product. Rather comprehending the features of your product is more important in the daily activities and eventually, in the success of any business. Continue reading The Importance Of Software Testing For IT Businesses

KPI to decide the success of an application

Application development is essential for any organization to tap into the growing market as well as popularity. But it is just not enough to build up an app; it is just the beginning or rather the easy part. The app must be tested for user experience issues as well as bugs. For measuring those factors, certain metrics are essential. These metrics are known as KPIs or Key Performance Indicators which may differ for each organization. These factors help determine the success of an application. With so many mediums available, it may be hard to select the apt KPIs; to make the job easier, here are some common must-have KPIs that an organization should use almost compulsorily. Continue reading KPI to decide the success of an application

Top features of Laravel that would wow a developer

Laravel is a great framework for modern web application development which helps in easy as well as quick designing of customized web applications. Development process is made way easier since the common tasks undertaken in major web projects like routing, authentication, caching, sessions, etc can be done easily. The general good coding helps in making the look of the code really beautiful which in turn makes it enjoyable for the developers to use it. In fact large projects find it especially beneficial. Some of the really great features that have wowed the developers and multiplied its popularity are given here. Continue reading Top features of Laravel that would wow a developer

Top 3 reasons to make websites accessible

When it comes to development as well as designing of web pages, the first and foremost factor that the designers and developers keep in mind is – accessibility. This is the most, if not the only fundamental objective behind designing web pages. When we mention the term, ‘accessibility’, this literally means making a particular site available or visible to anyone trying to look for the site to get information about any product or service. In simple terms the word, ‘accessibility’ means making the pages ‘public’. Now, the issue is not as simple as it looks. The main reason behind making the web pages accessible is not just making it available to anyone, but a combination of a number of other factors. Let us discuss the three most important reasons behind making the pages accessible. Continue reading Top 3 reasons to make websites accessible