How will HTML5 Transform Mobile BI and CRM?

As a core technology markup language for the web, HTML5 comes with the elements and attributes required for developing robust web and mobile applications. A number of reports have also highlighted the effectiveness of HTML5 in building mobile business intelligence (BI) and CRM applications compatible with a wide range of browsers and devices.

Unlike Flash, Java and Silverlight, HTML5 is supported by most browsers and devices. So it becomes easier for developers to create rich mobile BI and CRM apps by integrating mail, multimedia and similar content. HTML5 further enables programmers to write code using HTML, JavaScript and CSS to make increate the application’s portability and compatibility.

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How HTML5 Effectuates Mobile BI and CRM Application Development?

Makes Applications More Interactive
The growing popularity of social networks has made it essential for enterprises to make the mobile BI and CRM apps highly interactive. At the same time, streaming videos and fluid animation has also become an integral part of enterprise mobile app development. In comparison to Java, Flash and Silverlight, HTML5 enables businesses to achieve high interaction by integrating a wide variety of data. Along with embedding videos and audio, the app developers also have option to integrated high quality animation, charts, drawings and other rich content. As the functionality is built into the browsers, the rich contents can be further integrated without using any plug-ins.

Delivers High Quality Content across Mobile Devices
While creating mobile BI and CRM applications, developers have to consider the varying screen sizes and resolutions of different mobile devices. They also find it a daunting challenge to deliver the most relevant functions required by end users. However, HTML5 makes it easier for programmers to overcome the challenges by incorporating gestures and zooming technologies. Thus, a user can simply turn, double tap or pinch to avail the most relevant CRM and BI functions. The option further makes it easier for developers to make these apps interact with other applications through open APIs.

Meets the Requirements of Mobile Salespeople
The mobile sales people want to access a single client mashup that is created by bundling a variety of rich and relevant content. For instance, salespeople look for features to list and track the nearby customers based on their current GPS information. They also want to track the customer by visualizing his locations within Google Maps. HTML5 makes it easier for businesses to provide the relevant and updated customer data to the salespeople through a single client mashup. The business can further integrate charts and tables in the mashup to provide current total turnover of the customer. Unlike native BI and CRM apps, the HTML5 applications can be deployed and accessed without any restrictions. So the businesses can update and maintain their mobile CRM and BI apps without putting extra time, money and effort.

Helps Businesses in Overcoming Compatibility Issues
The browsers have to rely on Flash, Java, Silverlight or other technologies to deliver rich internet applications. So the performance of the rich internet application was being affected due to the compatibility of the technology with the mobile device and web browser. For instance, iPhone and iPad do not support Flash. Thus, the rich internet applications developed using Flash were not compatible with these hugely popular iOS devices. HTML5 makes it easier for enterprises to create mobile BI and CRM applications that can smoothly integrate a wide variety of content, while delivering optimized rendering capabilities. The upcoming versions of HTML5 browsers are further expected to access the sensor and touch information of mobile devices securely.

A gradual increase is also noted in the number of established CRM and BI players adopting HTML5. Oracle has launched the BI Mobile App Designer launched to enable programmers to create mobile BI and CRM applications rapidly. The tool runs on a web browser, and comes with a drag-and-drop design format. Further, it allows developers to optimize the performance of the application by integrating a variety of rich content including graphs and tables.

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