What to expect from iOS 8 release?

The new products of Apple are generally released around the fall; thus those who are fans of their products wait with bated breath for the next releases around this time. In this context, the next releases from the Apple stable are supposed to be iOS 8 and iPhone 6 which will be released sometime around September. The news about iOS 8 release was publicized on June. Now, with just a few days left for the release, people are growing increasingly curious about the new additions or changes that might be introduced in it. Here is a sneak peek at some of the features which are expected to be seen in the new release.

In the previous 7th version, the operating system had seen vast changes in the design aspect; there was a total overhauling. So as per some reports, there will not be major changes in the design aspect. The focus would rather be on incorporation of new apps as well as features in this version.

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Healthbook- Apparently Apple is working on this absolutely new app which is supposed to have a prominent focus. This app will indicate Apple’s entry in the multi-trillion dollar health and fitness market. This addition is supposed to be inspired by Samsung Galaxy S5’s heart monitor. The layout of Healthbook will be similar to that of PassBook. A card system will be used for tracking of health parameters like blood pressure, heart rate, weight loss, sleep patterns, calories eaten, etc. According to suggestions the data will be collected through syncing of HealthBook with iWatch. The wearable tech will include a variety of sensors which will be used by the app for the proper finding of necessary data.

Apple Maps- Native navigation in iOS 6 resulted in a slump as well as a major fiasco for the company. After that massive transformations have been in process so that the reputation of Apple Maps can be re-established. Recent reports suggest that mass transit directions may feature in the new operating system from famous public transportation programs such as HopStop, BroadMap and Embark.

Game Centre- As per rumours, Game Centre App will be retired in the recent version; this will definitely come as a huge shock for those who are quite addicted to it and use regularly. But the main idea here will perhaps be to include the feature within apps instead of using it individually.

iTunes radio- Under the current version, the Music app has hidden the iTunes Radio. However, this concept has not fetched much popularity amongst its users. Thus according to rumours the iTunes Radio will be made into standalone app along with a separate icon so that it receives more visibility. This independent app will serve as competition against streaming programs such as Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio. The Music function will not have to be used since it will be pre-installed. Some featured stations will be offered in a list as well. The iPhone users will also be provided a vast assortment of free music.

Text Edit as well as Preview features- It is supposed that by virtue of the apps called Preview and TextEdit users can see files that are synched with iCloud. It will help keep as well as save emailed documents along with photos in a more efficient as well as accurate manner. Files can be saved as well as shared easily between devices and operating systems.

Miscellaneous- Some general sprucing up will be carried on over features like Messages, Notifications Voice Memos, CarPlay, etc where some improvements will be made.

Shazam- This utility allows easy identification of song names. If it comes to iOS 8 it will be in conjunction with Siri which will make finding song or artist names easy with a single voice request.

Overall, it looks like an exciting prospect. It may be hoped that there will not be too much deviation to make the Apple loyalist feel comfortable but all the areas of concern are being addressed to make the overall experience polished and smooth.

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