HTML5 – Top Reasons for Programmers to Choose

HTML5, the 5th in the generation of the technology markup internet language is designed to improve the language with the latest multimedia support that keeps it readable as well as easy to comprehend for the human, hardware systems and devices like the web browsers, parsers, etc. This makes the markup language, one of the most popular, in the fraternity of computer programming.

Let us discuss in details, the top few reasons for the programmers to opt for this language.

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Better Storage facility
One of the best features that make HTML5 such a popular language is its seamless storage facility that is a combination of the customary old cookies and the database features of the client side. However, from the qualitative point of view, it comes up with a better security as well as performance. This makes sure that the data persist even after the closure of the browser. As it is basically a client side database, the issue of the users deleting the cookies does not make any difference from the developers’ or programmers’ point of view.

Its futuristic features
This is another reason why the developers choose to opt for it. The value added features the language comes up with, make sure that its pertinence does not fade away quickly or easily. Hence, it is a language that is made for the future. Besides, the fact that it is not difficult and is easily comprehensible makes it so much more acceptable to the programmers.

It runs on every device
Another very useful feature that makes HTML5 so popular is the fact that once it is developed, the language runs on virtually each and every type of device. HTML5 has certain features that help the same code to run on different devices. For that hardly any adjustments barring a very few are required. Once the native version is chosen, the various types of projects can be run for every type of platform.

HTML5 comes up with a string of features that helps in easier mobile browsing. Though the fundamentals remain the same, the workforce of HTML5 grows, keeping pace with the growth of the mobile market. Most of the current workforce that has been building sites for desktop is now making necessary adjustments or transformations to make sites for mobile devices.

Normally speaking, web applications are much cheaper than the native apps. The primary reason behind this is that the web apps run on every variety of devices, and this means a single project is available for every type of device. This is true in case of HTML5 as well. It is available at an extremely affordable rate and this is the reason even the startup companies and the ones with shoestring budget can afford to own it and this makes the language so much popular.

Game Development
HTML5 comes up with a string of features that help development of some funny interactive games. Experts are of the opinion that the experience of building games in HTML5 is much better than creating them in Flash.

Search Engine Friendly Feature
This is another feature that HTML5 comes up with. This helps a website to gain a better ranking in any search engine, which in turn leads to a better traffic volume. The more accurate the backend code of a website is, the higher will be the ranking of the site on any search engine, which will ultimately lead to better traffic and audience visibility. HTML5 helps with just that and this makes the language so popular.

Apps those are helpful for mobile devices
Besides, the language also comes up with a string of exciting features that come in handy for development of mobile websites. Having enjoyed support from Apple as well as Google, HTML5 has introduced an array of technological improvements that include the incorporation of off-line data storage, video/audio playback and streaming, Geo-location with the help of GPS, extensive support and drag system, and a wide range of tools that facilitate user interface.

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