Does Filemaker score over Bento in user friendliness?

According to Katsunori Shigeta, a FileMaker Database Developer & Trainer, the big difference among FileMaker & Bento happens to be its mechanism of relationship. FileMaker is able to deal with a lot of different relationship. Bento likewise has easy relationship, but it is enforced and can not be changed by user. He further explained exactly what the “relationship” means? It means connection in between the tables. And the table means the place of storage data, along with row & column. It is just like bookshelf. When you need to deal with real world data (for instance consumer, product, or perhaps transaction), one particular table will manage just one real world entity. Consumer table will manage consumer’s data alone, product table works only with product’s data. If you wish to handle several entity, such as consumers & products, or perhaps students and classes, make sure you consider relationship in between such entities. You may function many kind of entities on the FileMaker, however, Bento includes various limitation. If you’d like to create address book, Bento is a great one. Simply because address book handle person as well as their attribute. If you would like to manage two or more entities, and then make relationship among them, FileMaker is definitely is a good option. it isn’t very simple, however as soon as you have an understanding of distinction between “table” & “table occurrence” with FileMaker terms, it isn’t really difficult.

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There were lots of opinions over the Mac App Store regarding the current version in Bento to become quite disappointing. Is that FileMaker thinking about phasing it out? FileMaker, Inc. reported that it might discontinue Bento so that it could put the focus on the FileMaker product family. It will eventually carry on supporting for Bento till July 30, 2014. FileMaker does not provides the Bento consumer products. It was informed that they’ll give tech support for the Bento products through 30th July, 2014. This particular change had been a part of the greater concentration on the FileMaker products. FileMaker Pro are going to be suitable for different users of the Bento for the Mac. They encourage Bento for the Mac consumers to see their “Is FileMaker Pro Right For You?” page to find out distinctions between Bento & FileMaker Pro and also to download a cost-free trial of the FileMaker Pro.

In case you are using Bento, it will continue to provide what you need for a long period. When you choose to export your data from the Bento to some other application, there are helpful tips regarding your options. FileMaker Pro in considered the greatest user friendly commercial database for the teams and the companies. FileMaker Pro just isn’t as easy to use just as Bento, then again is much flexible and extensible. Along with FileMaker Pro, you could develop custom solutions, that usually appear and function absolutely the manner in which you want. FileMaker Pro usually takes more work to setup as compared to Bento. Yet it is at the same time a lot more flexible. For instance, in Bento you could drag-out a field then Bento would automatically setup the different fields however it would certainly space them the way Bento believes is better. With FileMaker Pro you need to move fields personally however you could put things just as you want. with Bento you’ll be able to select an address field & Bento will likely to have it set up. However there aren’t many changes you can create in order to the way the address field performs. With FileMaker Pro you need to set-up every single portion of the address field by yourself (street address, city, state, etc) however you could make different types of address field you want.

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