Java for E-Commerce business – Is it good?

The computing platform, Java is independent, secure as well as robust, ensuring high performance. This network savvy, portable as well as architecturally neutral language uses automatic memory management. The programming language can be used to develop ecommerce applications easily due to the several feature sets that make it an effective ecommerce platform. It is platform-independent, network-aware, multi-threaded as well as object-oriented which make it really flexible. Near about any platform can be used for its running. Some of the reasons that have made it suitable for ecommerce business are discussed here.

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Java 2 Enterprise Edition- Also known as J2EE, it has proved to be a revolutionary influence in the arena of e-commerce. Strong server side application can be build through the robust and solid solution of J2EE. The technology is fully-able and is extremely beneficial as a development tool. Some of the tools included in it that helps in this respect are Servlets, JSPs or Java Server Pages, Enterprise JavaBeans or EJB, JNDI or Java Naming and Directory Interface, JDBC or Java Database Connectivity, JTA, JMS along with Java Mail.

No programmatic configuration of navigation- To set navigation, a specified pattern has to be implemented which can be really complicated as well as a time-consuming process. But when you are using JSF, all the complicated procedures can be avoided altogether. The framework handles the navigation entirely. All that is needed is to associate page views, URL patterns as well as logical outcomes together by using Faces configuration file. Developers can also follow another method- using the implicit navigation feature of JSF 2.0 that forwards requests automatically to a view having the same name as that of the requested URL pattern.

Good templating support- The Facelets technology can be used for templating and it helps maximize markup reuse so that redundancy in page views can be reduced. It also allows the preparation of views through standard XHTML syntax. It allows easy creation of template layout which is common for all page views. In fact the views can be rendered with the insertion of content that is view-specific in the template.

Neutral platform- Several kinds of communications are required in ecommerce and there is a lot of data that changes hands. For the interaction of so many various kinds of systems and platform, you need a neutral standard platform that helps in this data exchange. This requirement can be filled up with XML or eXtensible Markup Language. It is quite crucial; the role of Java here is that it provides a great support to XML which combines well with this programming language.

Validation support is in-built- Server side validation support is provided by JSF. All validation can be performed by creation of validator class as well as logic that is manually coded. The server-side validation will occur automatically by virtue of JSF at the particular phase.

View rendered with several markup languages- The API technology boasts of flexible rendering that enables the attaching of several renderers to component tree of an application that is JSF-enabled. Thus custom components can be created.

Server support- Java is supported by several application servers like IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, etc which are full of different types of features. Now, any one of them can be easily chosen due to the support extended.

Labour division well-defined- A huge advantage of this technology is that there is a clean separation between presentation and behaviour of web apps. This is especially great for large projects since it provides separate development areas where various team members can focus differently.

Ecommerce developers prefer Java over any other platform since it offers a number of benefits in areas such as security, ease of use, portability, flexibility and accessibility. It is present at both server as well as client sides and coupled with its efficacy this makes for an unmatched killer combination.

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