Differences between FileMaker and Bento

Before we draw the difference between FileMaker (FM) and Bento (BN), let us know what FileMaker Pro and Bento are.

FM can be defined as a cross platform relational database application that is designed to integrate a GUI based interface with a particular database engine. This provides the users a unique option of modifying databases by incorporating newer elements into screens, forms or layouts, thereby giving the database an altogether new look.

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Bento, on the other hand, significantly differs from FM in the sense that it heavily depends upon the templates as well as integrations with the other applications. By default, the data sources of Bento include Address Book as well as Calendar applications from Apple that can be directly customized or modified to fit in the requirements or the needs of the clients.

Technically speaking, Bento does not work across multi platforms (as it is not cross platform). It is only compatible with Mac, which runs Leopard 10.5.7 or beyond. On the other hand, FM works on Mac OS as well as Windows.

BN is designed to integrate directly with the Address Book from Apple for contacts, iCal for the purpose of Calendars, Mails for the purpose of e-mails, iPhoto for the purpose of photos or images, and the likes. FileMaker, on the other hand is designed to link up with all these tools, though there is still room for development through plugins or Applescript. Nevertheless, FM comes with a string of options that help it to get compatible with MS Office and make an array of functions like creating emails, accessing the internet browsers, adding various functionalities with the plugins, creating various web and internet solutions with the help of PHP, accessing various other external SQL databases.

Bento also restricts the total number of shared users to those who are present on any local network and the number also should not exceed 5. On the other hand, FM is capable of handling an unlimited number of users with the FM server across a vast region.

From the users’ point of view, BN is not as customizable as FM. Again, FM Pro is more powerful than Bento in robustness. However, from the point of view of usability, it is the simplicity of Bento that makes it so popular, as it allows the users to create a truly professional looking database with ease. This comes to the aid of people having a lesser degree of understanding. Again, on the other hand, FM Pro, much due to its extremely powerful features along with its pro-user qualities and capabilities, comes up as the most user-friendly tool that is used in today’s world, that helps users develop, customize as well as expand various solutions quickly.

From the financial point of view, Bento is much cheaper than FM. While Bento will cost $49.00 for an individual and $99 for the family pack, FileMaker Pro comes in at $299 for a single user and the cost goes up as the number of users’ increases.

Both FM as well as BN comes up with functionality that provides users a unique option of running databases on iPads and iPhones. However, thanks to the pre-built templates, Bento is more accessible to the users with lesser amount of work,

Let us look into the difference between FM and Bento in a nutshell:

BN organizes contacts as well as customers, track group projects along with task lists. It plans various company events, meetings, prints labels for mailing, inventory tags, records various domestic inventories with images, videos, lists wines, movies, other collections, tracks uniforms for school going children, organizes lesion plans, curriculums, sporting activities etc.

FileMaker on the other hand manage customers, vendors as well as employees, helps in tracking projects, various deliverables, workflows, coordinate events, meetings, manages inventoiesy and assets, produces invoices, charts sales reports, distributes facilities, organizes compliance, manages students’ registrations, organizes, analyzes research data, and so on.

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