How has ColdFusion Development Changed the World of Developing Web Apps?

Developers often look for innovative frameworks that enable them create more interactive and dynamic web applications rapidly. Adobe regularly upgrades ColdFusion to make it easier for programmers to rapidly create a large and complex web applications. Along with allowing developers to create enterprise applications by using the Java Enterprise Edition (EE) platform, ColdFusion also provides built-in support for HTML5. At the same time, it makes helps developers in optimizing the security of their websites through latest authentication and encryption techniques. On the whole, ColdFusion has already revolutionized the world of web application development.

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ColdFusion Features that Effectuate Rapid Web Application Development

Built-in Support for HTML5
Within a shorter span of time, HTML5 has become an integral part of web development. The built-in support for HTML5 provided by ColdFusion makes it easier for programmers to create a variety of web applications including social networks, web-based games, enterprise dashboard, online podcasts and ecommerce portals. The developers can use HTML5 WebSockets to publish data to multiple clients without putting any extra effort. Further, they can use the CFCHART tag to implement interactive client-side HTML5 charts in a much simpler way.

REST Web Service
ColdFusion also offers built-in support for JSON, XML serialization and de-serialization, and all HTTP methods. So the developers can publish the existing ColdFusion components as Representational State Transfer (REST) Web Services. The feature further makes it easier for developers to create interface for mobile applications. Also, the can use WebSockets to optimize the application’s performance through smooth and powerful bidirectional communication.

HTML to PDF Conversion
ColdFusion also comes with an improved Adobe conversion engine that enables developers to create high quality PDF files from HTML pages. Along with capturing the text and images exactly, the engine parses the CSS and applies its settings to ensure that the original look and feel of the HTML pages is maintained. At the same time, the integrity and authenticity of the PDF documents can be maintained through electronic signatures. The electronic signatures will require users to sign, certify and validate the files to access the information.

On-Device Debugging
Often developers have to identity and fix a variety of bugs while creating the mobile version of a website. The on-device debugging capabilities of ColdFusion enable them to identify and fix the flaws in browser-based mobile applications. They can simply connect a mobile device to ColdFusion Builder remotely, and identify the bugs by simulating its actual usage on the mobile device. Also, they can use the built-in Weinre server to check the look and feel of a web application across different devices.

Enterprise Infrastructure
ColdFusion further makes it easier for programmers to enhance the scalability of enterprise web applications through multiple server instances. The multiple server instances can also be created in a virtualized or clustered environment. The web application development framework can also be deployed as a WAR or EAR from the existing Java EE application servers. It also comes with a highly scalable email engine that allows enterprises to send and receive unlimited emails. The enterprises can further avail the Microsoft Office file interoperability provided by ColdFusion to manage their files more efficiently.

Protect Websites from XSS and CSRF
The recent versions of ColdFusion come with features to make servers more secure. These features are also effective in protecting websites from cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site requests forgery (CSRF). The programmers can use the optimized log-in mechanisms provided by ColdFusion to make the application authentications stronger. At the same time, they can use secure profile option to enable default setting across the server.

Adobe has further designed ColdFusion 11 as an all-in-one application server that enables programmers to build and deploy web applications on a single platform. The most recent version of the web application development framework also comes with innovative security features like default server lockdown, secure profile and options to sanitize user input.

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