ColdFusion 11 – What’s in Store for Web Developers?

As a widely used rapid web application development framework, ColdFusion needs no introduction. Adobe further released updated version of ColdFusion at frequent intervals to meet the upcoming trends in web development. Recently, Adobe released ColdFusion 11 with a set of new features and enhanced capabilities. The programmers can now use the all-in-one application server to rapidly build both web and mobile applications for enterprises. At the same time, they also have option to avail features like full CFSCRIPT support, improved HTML to PDF conversion, and built-in functions to prevent cross-site scripting. If you are yet to migrate to ColdFusion 11, it is a good idea to have a look at some of its prominent features.

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New Features of ColdFusion 11 to Speed up Web Application Development

Differentiate Content According to Individual Devices
Often developers have to put additional time and effort to differentiate website content for different devices. The content differentiation is also essential for delivering richer user experience. ColdFusion 11 makes it easier for programmers to identify the device type, along with its features, dimensions, orientation, description and group name without using any plug-ins. So the web application can deliver enhanced user experience without writing any complex code.

On-Device Debugging
Many web developers find it daunting to identify and fix flaws in installed apps. But the on-device debugging feature of ColdFusion 11 enables developers to identify and fix errors in both installed web apps and browser-based mobile apps without putting any extra time and effort. They can simple connect a mobile device to ColdFusion Builder remotely, and simulate the actual usage of the application on the device. Thus, they can easily step through the application code to identify the errors and flaws.

Multi-Device Inspection
While creating a web application, developers have to invest additional efforts to check its look and feel across different devices. The look and feel of the app further needs to be optimized for many devices to deliver enhanced user experience. ColdFusion 11 enables programmers to use the built-in Weinre server inspect the look and feel of both web and mobile apps across multiple devices. They can further use ColdFusion Builder to change the properties of elements. The changes can also be seen taking effect in the mobile devices.

Complete Support for CFSCRIPT
The updated version of ColdFusion further comes with complete support for CFSCRIPT. So the web programmers can use CFSCRIPT more productively to build applications rapidly, while accessing ColdFusion 11 functionality. For instance, they can now use the CFQUERY tag to directly access client-side databases using SQL. The enhanced support for CFSCRIPT further enables programmers to access databases without using callback handle.

Social Plug-in and Login
ColdFusion 11 enables developers to make the web apps interact seamlessly with social media, along with increasing engagement and creating buzz. The programmers can simply use CF_SOCIALPLUGIN tag to implement a variety of social plug-ins including Tweet button, Comment box and Like button. Also, they have option to enable end users to access the web application through their social media account without implementing a login mechanism from the scratch. They developers can now use the CFOAUTH tag to allow end users to access the web applicator using their Google, Facebook or Twitter identities.

Reuse and Distribute UI Components
The updated version of ColdFusion allows web programmers to use server-side custom tag framework on the client side. The feature makes it easier for developers to reuse and distribute the UI components without any hassle. Also, the smooth distribution and reuse of UI components will contribute towards both reducing the testing efforts and speeding up development.

ColdFusion 11 makes it easier for programmers to effectuate email management without writing additional code. They can simply use the SMTP server with the CFMAIL tag to send emails. The CFIMAP tag can also be used to connect to an IMAP server, whereas CFPOP tag can retrieve emails from a POP mail server.

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Why do Customers Choose PHP – Quality or Price?

Each enterprise wants to beat competitors by reducing the overall cost of software development projects. Many businesses even opt for open source technologies to curtail the software development cost. So the huge popularity of PHP among web application developer can be attributes to its open source and free nature. However, PHP is still a very powerful and robust programming language that complements the needs of complex and large web application development projects. So customers choose PHP due to its robust features and effectiveness in reducing the project cost.

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Features that Make Customers Choose PHP

Can be Embedded into HTML Smoothly
Most web developers use HTML with embedded code to accomplish certain tasks easily. They have option to include HTML with embedded code in PHP pages. Thus, they are not required to use additional command or coding to generate HTML output. The programmers can further process instructions by switching to and from the PHP mode.

Compatible with Major Operating Systems and Web Servers
The compatibility of PHP with major operating systems and web server also impact its popularity. The programming language can be used seamlessly on major operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, RISC OS and different variants of UNIX. Likewise, PHP also supports most of the widely used web servers including IIS and Apache. The programmers also have option to use PHP as a CGI processor or a module.

Supports a Wide Range of Databases
PHP is also hugely popular among web developers due to its support for some of the widely used databases. The developers can simply use the database specific extensions provided by PHP to create database-enabled web pages easily. At the same time, they also have option to connect to the databases through the ODBC standard or an abstraction layer like PDO.

Generates a Variety of Outputs
PHP also comes with features required to generate a wide variety of outputs. In addition to generating HTML output, the programming language can further output images, PDF files, and text like XML files and XHTML. The programmer can even use libswf and Ming to generate Flash movies on the fly. Further, PHP generates these files automatically, and saves the content in the file system. It further creates a server-side cache to store the dynamic content.

Uninterrupted Interaction with Other Services
PHP also supports a wide range of protocol to interact with third-party services. Thus, programmers have option to use IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, POP3, HTTP, LDAP, COM and other protocols supported by PHP to make their web application interact with other services. Further, PHP facilitates WDDX complex data exchange between all web programming languages. The support makes it easier for developers to enhance the performance of web applications by integrating third-party services and applications.

Reduced Line of Coding
In comparison to other web programming languages, PHP allows programmers to exercise better control over web browser. So developer can accomplish both simple and complex tasks without writing longer lines of code. Along with designing websites with exact specifications, the PHP programmers can perform a variety of tasks without writing any complex code. They also have option to save their time and efforts by using open source PHP frameworks.

Easy to Learn
As a dynamic programming language, PHP comes with features for both beginners and experienced web developers. As the programming language uses C like syntax, the programmer familiar in C can master PHP without putting any extra effort. Unlike other programming language, PHP is clean, organized and fluent. Thus, the beginners can easily read and understand the language, and start writing PHP scripts within a shorter span of time.

The customers can avail a number of additional benefits by choosing the most recent version of PHP. The new features of PHP will further make it easier for programmers to create robust web applications within a shorter span of time.

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HTML5 and what it means for the mobile industry

HTML5 is hyper-text markup language’s latest version which can be used for building of websites as well as apps. However, it is finding most popularity amongst mobile developers since they are allowed to create a content that is more engaging as well as dynamic. Using the language is way simpler than the previous versions, which leads to a code that is cleaner. The websites created are efficient, more interactive as well as powerful. The features are optimized, specifically keeping mobile interfaces in mind which enables the pages to remain light and remain focused on functionality.

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By adopting the HTML5 trend, the mobile industry is and can benefit a lot. There are multiple advantages offered by this programming markup language; by embracing it the mobile industry can only look towards advancement as well as growth. Some of the features as well as advantages that can be reaped are explained here.

Browser environment but app-like experience- By virtue of this language an app-like, rich user experience may be created right there in mobile browser itself; the users do not need to seek out as well as download apps actively through marketplace or stores. This downloading behaviour is mostly exhibited by only brand loyalists. But with mobile web, a much bigger as well as larger audience can be reached easily. Also the look of the interfaces that are built with HTML5, resemble apps; on top of that it recognizes gestures which allow consumers to further manoeuvre the site like an app. Like native apps, local storage is included in the sites which helps site developers store data in browser memory. This helps in reduction of back-end server interactions which leads to a much faster loading of pages.

Cross browser compatibility- Another great advantage offered by this language is its cross-compatibility factor with all major web browsers that include Opera, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer as well as Firefox. They may not be able to provide support to all newly introduced HTML elements but at least the doctype can be read by them.

Offline caching- Offline caching is also offered by it which essentially means than certain elements can be loaded by visitors on webpage without having an active net connection. However, in this case they must have accessed the site sometime in the past. Even during disruption in internet connection, the site’s core elements can be loaded by the user.

An experience that is location aware- A hugely important feature that it brings to the browser is location awareness. The mobile site can thus be prompted to recognize the location of the user when it is launched so that the closest stores can be identified as well as delivered to the user. This ultimately provides a great user experience. Furthermore it also enables apps to offer special offers to the user.

Better product images- While building mobile sites with HTML5, high resolution images are easily served. This effectively addresses a huge challenge associated with mobile shopping- the inability of viewing detailed images by the customers. Thus, brands can easily display high quality multiple product images in a format that resembles a gallery.

Clean code- In traditional HTML coding it is very difficult to make basic changes in a website which does not follow good coding conventions. The design of this version allows a clean code that makes it easy for developers to incorporate changes. It also assists in search engine readability by optimizing it. The search engine understands the website’s content easily which results in higher search rankings.

Thus it can be said that the future of mobile industry rests with HTML5. It allows mobile devices to handle interactive tasks that include audio and video playback. It offers the best of the features but with the least of problems. The number of features, tools as well as support helps make the entire process of site and app development easier; not only that, it also provides a better user experience which translates into more popularity for the ultimate product.

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Using HTML5 on Your Smartphone – Some Benefits

The number of people using Smartphone has increased remarkably over the last few years or so, to keep pace with the number of people using the internet on their mobile devices. Therefore, to keep pace with this ever changing digital world that is very much dominated by Smartphones and Tablets, software and mobile apps developing companies are facing a new challenge of satisfying the customers’ demands, when it comes to offering them state of the art mobile websites that are as comprehensive or user-friendly as the conventional desktop software systems as well as websites.

HTML5 web developmentFor accomplishing this, the most comprehensive tool that the developers have in their arsenal is HTML5, the latest as well as the most state of the art language that facilitates HTML coding. The language offers developers, the option of delivering richer as well as the most intuitive end user experience in the fraternity of mobile browsers. Besides, the language also comes up with a string of benefits that come to the aid of the Smartphone users.

It offers an experience similar to apps for the browser
HTML5 helps in creating a rich end user experience that is akin to the apps found in the mobile browsers. This indicates that the users do not have to look for a separate app and download it. The mobile interfaces that are designed with the help of HTML5 have striking similarities with the apps. Besides, the language also has the ability of recognizing gestures. Hence, the end users have the option of switching from one site to another with ease, just as it is possible in case of apps. These maneuvers include seamlessly browsing through the navigation, zooming in or out on selected areas, pinching etc.

Again, just like the apps, mobile sites designed with the help of HTML5 come up with the option of providing local storage facility that helps the developers to store data with the memory of the browser. This helps the sites to have the capacity of storing data that are commonly used, with the browser itself, along with reducing the number of interactions that take place with the server at the back end. This ultimately lends much faster page loading time.

Location Awareness
Another significant feature of HTML5 is its ability of incorporating location awareness to a browser. Companies that are running conventional brick and mortar businesses are immensely benefited from this as the end users are able to recognize the location of a store with the help of the ‘Find Near Me’ option that helps them to find out the stores that are closest to their address, much like the ‘store locator’ option.

Simplify and reorganize Shopping Cart
For those running online businesses, use of HTML5 is greatly advantageous, as it simplifies the shopping cart as well as the checkout mechanism, thus helping even those who are unfamiliar with technology to browse or shop online without any difficulty whatsoever.

Semantic Enrichment
One of the most significant advantages of Smartphones, developed with the help of HTML5 is the capacity of serving various high-resolution photo galleries. One of the major areas of concerns for the developers has been the problem faced by the users in viewing detailed images. This has instigated the developers to incorporate certain features into HTML5 that facilitate display of high quality, multiple images of products in the format of a gallery. Furthermore, it also helps the users in taking a much closer look at the product images, by double tapping to zoom them in, or view them in a much more detailed as well as specific way, than what was previously possible. This particularly comes in handy in case of Smartphone users, because of their much smaller size of screens.

Collapsible Menus along with Expandable Navigation Facilities
Another advantage the HTML5 poses is that it helps brands to target a specific sect of the market with relevant promos and specific products in a much easier and cost effective way. It is possible through its ‘scroll-through-the-banner’ feature that it comes up with. This feature provides the users the option of scrolling up and down the banners on the home page. It further streamlines the user experience by offering the unique option of integrating the collapsible and expandable menus with the pop-up windows on the browser homepage as well as the category pages.

A Rich Media
HTML5 also comes up with a native support for the video and the audio elements with the user not having to download plug ins for watching Youtube or for listening to any audio package. Again, when it is said that HTML5 has these video and audio files already embedded, the feature does not put any extra pressure on the battery, and this extends the battery backup of the Smartphones to a significant extent – a feature that has made the language immensely popular.

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Java for E-Commerce business – Is it good?

The computing platform, Java is independent, secure as well as robust, ensuring high performance. This network savvy, portable as well as architecturally neutral language uses automatic memory management. The programming language can be used to develop ecommerce applications easily due to the several feature sets that make it an effective ecommerce platform. It is platform-independent, network-aware, multi-threaded as well as object-oriented which make it really flexible. Near about any platform can be used for its running. Some of the reasons that have made it suitable for ecommerce business are discussed here.

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Java 2 Enterprise Edition- Also known as J2EE, it has proved to be a revolutionary influence in the arena of e-commerce. Strong server side application can be build through the robust and solid solution of J2EE. The technology is fully-able and is extremely beneficial as a development tool. Some of the tools included in it that helps in this respect are Servlets, JSPs or Java Server Pages, Enterprise JavaBeans or EJB, JNDI or Java Naming and Directory Interface, JDBC or Java Database Connectivity, JTA, JMS along with Java Mail.

No programmatic configuration of navigation- To set navigation, a specified pattern has to be implemented which can be really complicated as well as a time-consuming process. But when you are using JSF, all the complicated procedures can be avoided altogether. The framework handles the navigation entirely. All that is needed is to associate page views, URL patterns as well as logical outcomes together by using Faces configuration file. Developers can also follow another method- using the implicit navigation feature of JSF 2.0 that forwards requests automatically to a view having the same name as that of the requested URL pattern.

Good templating support- The Facelets technology can be used for templating and it helps maximize markup reuse so that redundancy in page views can be reduced. It also allows the preparation of views through standard XHTML syntax. It allows easy creation of template layout which is common for all page views. In fact the views can be rendered with the insertion of content that is view-specific in the template.

Neutral platform- Several kinds of communications are required in ecommerce and there is a lot of data that changes hands. For the interaction of so many various kinds of systems and platform, you need a neutral standard platform that helps in this data exchange. This requirement can be filled up with XML or eXtensible Markup Language. It is quite crucial; the role of Java here is that it provides a great support to XML which combines well with this programming language.

Validation support is in-built- Server side validation support is provided by JSF. All validation can be performed by creation of validator class as well as logic that is manually coded. The server-side validation will occur automatically by virtue of JSF at the particular phase.

View rendered with several markup languages- The API technology boasts of flexible rendering that enables the attaching of several renderers to component tree of an application that is JSF-enabled. Thus custom components can be created.

Server support- Java is supported by several application servers like IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, etc which are full of different types of features. Now, any one of them can be easily chosen due to the support extended.

Labour division well-defined- A huge advantage of this technology is that there is a clean separation between presentation and behaviour of web apps. This is especially great for large projects since it provides separate development areas where various team members can focus differently.

Ecommerce developers prefer Java over any other platform since it offers a number of benefits in areas such as security, ease of use, portability, flexibility and accessibility. It is present at both server as well as client sides and coupled with its efficacy this makes for an unmatched killer combination.

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Differences between FileMaker and Bento

Before we draw the difference between FileMaker (FM) and Bento (BN), let us know what FileMaker Pro and Bento are.

FM can be defined as a cross platform relational database application that is designed to integrate a GUI based interface with a particular database engine. This provides the users a unique option of modifying databases by incorporating newer elements into screens, forms or layouts, thereby giving the database an altogether new look.

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Bento, on the other hand, significantly differs from FM in the sense that it heavily depends upon the templates as well as integrations with the other applications. By default, the data sources of Bento include Address Book as well as Calendar applications from Apple that can be directly customized or modified to fit in the requirements or the needs of the clients.

Technically speaking, Bento does not work across multi platforms (as it is not cross platform). It is only compatible with Mac, which runs Leopard 10.5.7 or beyond. On the other hand, FM works on Mac OS as well as Windows.

BN is designed to integrate directly with the Address Book from Apple for contacts, iCal for the purpose of Calendars, Mails for the purpose of e-mails, iPhoto for the purpose of photos or images, and the likes. FileMaker, on the other hand is designed to link up with all these tools, though there is still room for development through plugins or Applescript. Nevertheless, FM comes with a string of options that help it to get compatible with MS Office and make an array of functions like creating emails, accessing the internet browsers, adding various functionalities with the plugins, creating various web and internet solutions with the help of PHP, accessing various other external SQL databases.

Bento also restricts the total number of shared users to those who are present on any local network and the number also should not exceed 5. On the other hand, FM is capable of handling an unlimited number of users with the FM server across a vast region.

From the users’ point of view, BN is not as customizable as FM. Again, FM Pro is more powerful than Bento in robustness. However, from the point of view of usability, it is the simplicity of Bento that makes it so popular, as it allows the users to create a truly professional looking database with ease. This comes to the aid of people having a lesser degree of understanding. Again, on the other hand, FM Pro, much due to its extremely powerful features along with its pro-user qualities and capabilities, comes up as the most user-friendly tool that is used in today’s world, that helps users develop, customize as well as expand various solutions quickly.

From the financial point of view, Bento is much cheaper than FM. While Bento will cost $49.00 for an individual and $99 for the family pack, FileMaker Pro comes in at $299 for a single user and the cost goes up as the number of users’ increases.

Both FM as well as BN comes up with functionality that provides users a unique option of running databases on iPads and iPhones. However, thanks to the pre-built templates, Bento is more accessible to the users with lesser amount of work,

Let us look into the difference between FM and Bento in a nutshell:

BN organizes contacts as well as customers, track group projects along with task lists. It plans various company events, meetings, prints labels for mailing, inventory tags, records various domestic inventories with images, videos, lists wines, movies, other collections, tracks uniforms for school going children, organizes lesion plans, curriculums, sporting activities etc.

FileMaker on the other hand manage customers, vendors as well as employees, helps in tracking projects, various deliverables, workflows, coordinate events, meetings, manages inventoiesy and assets, produces invoices, charts sales reports, distributes facilities, organizes compliance, manages students’ registrations, organizes, analyzes research data, and so on.

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