Demand of Silverlight Development and Its Advantages

MS Silverlight can be defined as a framework that is specifically designed for website application development. It mainly incorporates animation, graphics, multimedia and so on. In other words, it can also be defined as a plug-in based on .NET framework that is compatible with a wide variety of browsers, operating systems, as well as devices. The plug-in makes sure that each and every browser-based application provides the end users, an extremely powerful yet handy user interface that can interact with various devices, data, files, as well as various applications like MS Office.

Silverlight (SL) has a great fan following today as its development helps in designing a string of animation effects. The framework uses support for the local font and that ultimately results in faster download. This is what makes a difference, especially when the reaction time is small and there is an ardent requirement of faster work to meet the growing demands.

Silverlight Development

The framework comes up with a string of advantages that are not available while using other frameworks. Moreover, it also results in production of high quality videos besides allowing cross platform as well as cross browser compatibility that provides a somewhat interdependent work for the core area expertise, which ultimately helps in innovating something different as well as unique. Silverline is extremely cost effective. Therefore, in the case of designing an interactive website, it is absolutely unparalleled. It also extends third party support. Thus, it comes in handy while the developers tend to use Ecmascript, Python, or Ruby. Besides, development of SL also provides a complete control over the rich media content for those who are engaged in providing content.

Advantages of Silverlight Development
One of the most prominent benefits of Silverlight development is that it has a much greater user adoption as well as acceptance and this is where it scores over other applications. This becomes particularly apparent in the case of transition from a particular application (that is to be installed on a particular computer), to an application that is browser-based. It can also engage the users much longer by its rich presentation style of content along with its interactive capability.

Another extremely prominent benefit of SIlverlight is its powerful ability of data visualization. Views of Graphical data are generally rich, besides being animated as well as interactive. This naturally is a much superior experience for the users, when compared to the more traditional applications that the users use, particularly when it comes to accessing and probing into the data with just a click of the mouse. It also minimizes the need to scroll up, down, right or left. In SL the teams of developers have got an effective tool that helps in maximizing screen real estate that is really sparse these days.

Silverlight also reduces the cost of development, evaluation, maintenance, as well as support that is required for delivery of successful business applications. SL applications are designed to behave consistently across various types of browsers, which are capable of significantly reducing time for development along with the testing time – a property that is not present in the case of JavaScript and AJAX applications. In fact, experience has time and again proved that creating interactive user interfaces with the help of JavaScript or AJAX is an extremely tedious, messy and at times time-consuming, and buggy process.

Last but not the least, the native integration of SL with SharePoint with its string of interactive controls is the most fundamental reason, why Silverlight has so much demand in the business application building fraternity. Other advantages of developing SL include:

  • Cool as well as interactive applications that are specifically designed to give system adoption a tremendous shot in its arm.
  • More efficient as well as prompt use of screen real estate.
  • Faster along with error free development lifecycles.
  • More dependable as well as consistent applications
  • Great tools for the fraternity developers

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