Why is Java preferred over .Net by enterprises?

The question of whether to prefer Java (J) over .Net has been disturbing the fraternity of developers for quite some time. While some say that it is better to vouch for .Net rather than opting for ‘J’, another school of thought says that it is preferable to use ‘J’ instead of opting for .Net. Let us discuss the reasons for which the enterprises nowadays like to prefer Java over .Net.

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Open Source
The fact that Java is an open source language clearly implies that users will not need to pay any licensing fees to Oracle for developing any software using ‘J’. The language is easy, quick to learn and most importantly, complete with a number of value added features and functionality that meet today’s needs. On the other hand, the development of .Net is pretty time consuming as it is far more complicated than ‘J’. Moreover, .Net makes you shell out a substantial amount of money, albeit the presence of a string of free tools. Most importantly, .Net is often plagued by the presence of a number of features with limited functionality.

The advantage that the companies enjoy while using ‘J’ is that they are able to slash the cost of development by a considerable amount with the use of a specific framework for open source software development. Naturally, for the enterprises that are running on a shoestring budget ‘J’ is the best option to vouch for. Besides, since ‘J’ is an open source platform, it helps the developers in doing whatever they feel like and create software solutions as per their will, with the support of a number of development tools that are supported by ‘J’.

Java is platform independent
When it comes to developing cross platform software, ‘J’ is absolutely indomitable. The software systems programmed with the help of ‘J’ codes are executable and can be run across multiple platforms. This is because JVM implementations are cross platform and are compatible with all the major platforms.

When it comes to software development using .NET, Mono can be used for building applications that are compatible to all the major OS. However, what is missing in .NET that ‘J’ comes up with is the user-friendly approach. This is where ‘J’ scores over .NET. Frankly speaking, Java is indeed an ideal platform for software development that makes the entire development process much simpler as well as less cumbersome.

Active Community
The most important part if Java is that, the solutions are absolutely free of cost compared to Microsoft, which charges a hefty amount of money for each and every solution. Java, on the other hand regularly keeps on updating itself with new features, besides improving its functionality as well as effectiveness that comes in handy while creating Java platform. This implies that every software as well as applications can enjoy the advantage of the very latest state of the art technology, without any extra expenses whatsoever – a reason that is enough for the huge popularity of Java.

Safety and Security
Java is more popular because of the improved version of safety as well as security than any other programming language including .Net. Java comes up with certain features that include automatic null checking, verification of each and every byte before execution, run time checking of security along with a string of similar kind of features, which help the developers in building secured apps.

Besides all these, Java helps to infuse a tinge of intelligence in every aspect of our life by changing things that are around us or things that are indispensable parts of our modern life like various electrical or electronic devices, homes, appliances, cities, automobiles and other items that we use in our day to day life.

There are surely other programming languages that are quite useful and are regularly used, but when it comes to discussing about any matured software programming language, nothing can be as handy and as useful as ‘J’ and this is the reason enough that the language is more acceptable and adorable than any other programming language including .Net by the modern enterprises.

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