Reviewing FileMaker Pro 13

FileMaker Pro 13, from FileMaker Inc. has come up with a wide range of advanced features that have simply enthralled the end users. Though opinions regarding this cross-platform relational database application varies, yet the crux or the bottom line of all those reviews are same – that the application is extremely handy when it comes to modifying the database, by dragging new elements into screens, forms or layouts.

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FM Pro 13 has come up with some highly handy new interfaces along with some new development tools that really make the developers excited. Moreover, FileMaker Pro 13 has resulted in a substantial amount of cut off for the end users, by dropping the compatibility for Windows XP as well as Windows Vista. While the earlier version 12 had a predetermined bar on Mac OS X at Lion, the new version is designed to fill up that gap. This helps the developers to use it on older machines with the use of Chrome or Safari.

Users are particularly fond of the Pro, Server as well as the Advanced editions of FileMaker due the features these three editions come up with. The advanced version comes up with all the Pro features along with some astounding developer tools.

FileMaker Pro 13 also comes up with a guided tour, which provides the users a solid guidance on how to get started and create various solutions. Seasoned users have the option of creating a new database and use the database templates for that purpose. These templates, known as Starter Solutions, are actually pre designed database applications that come up with a number of event management apps, options for product cataloguing, time billing, and a lot more. These value added features are extremely popular and make using this application easier. These solutions can be termed ready-made as well as unique and can be customized for using them to meet the personal needs.

One fantastic thing that people love about the version 13 is the fact that the basic features have not changed since the incorporation of the version 12. This provides the users a golden opportunity to concentrate much on the new as well as value added features with greater intensity.

Another feature that is great about FM Pro 13 is its compatibility with the mobile world. The world of technology is getting more and more mobile. Keeping this in mind the developers have designed it in such a way that the apps become more user mobile friendly, particularly in case of devices with touch screens. For example, with the new version, users are able to incorporate newer features, which are common on various mobile devices. These features may include popover buttons, which are designed to provide the users all the additional information along with instructions, when clicking on a field. These popovers generally provide the users vital additional information or instructions upon clicking on a particular field. The mobile user interface experience can also be enhanced by adding objects like tab control buttons and slides.

Users have particularly liked the redesigning of four templates such as Contacts, Content Management, Invoice Templates, and assets. The updated ‘Assets’ template has worn a refreshing as well as a streamlined getup and includes multiple images of a particular item, thus extending the capacity of placing the images into the fields of ‘Container’, that was introduced in the earlier version.

Another lovable feature that comes with the latest version is the WebDirect. It provides customers the unique option of running their apps directly in a particular web browser, even if they do not have any skill or expertise in web development.

A very important feature that is hugely popular amongst the users in the inclusion of iOS keyboards. The users can specify the keyboard type that can be used for entering data like URL, phone, the 10 numerical keys and so on. Besides, the new version also comes up with as many as 50 new value added features that come in handy from time to time, although it is pretty difficult to review all of them in details one at a time.

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