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What Has Bootstrap or HTML5 In Offer For Designers?

Before we start discussing the features of HTML 5 and Bootstrap, let us discuss what actually Bootstrap is, for a better understanding of the readers of this page. While HTML5 is an improved version of HTML, Bootstrap (BS) is an open source CSS or Cascading Style Sheets framework from Twitter that is extensively used for front-end prototyping as well as building various mobile friendly, robust websites that are compatible with a wide range of browsers. It is also used for developing web based interface by employing various mobile responsive designs. It utilizes JavaScript (that includes jQuery), CSS, as well as HTML. It also extends support for CSS3 along with HTML5.

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In other words, BS can be defined as a grid based responsive framework that is used to develop responsive, mobile centric projects. Bootstrap framework is extensively used by designers or developers due to its tremendous framework power, user-friendly approach along with the power to build high quality websites as well as applications that are based on HTML or HTML 5, Jscript extensions and CSS.

BS can be attributed the shortest definition to be a CSS3 as well as HTML5 authoring tool that helps in easing out the mechanism of development, thereby saving a lot of time as well as efforts of the developers and producing a wide range of astounding results. The platform comes up with a wide range of highly effective tools, pregnant with some amazing value added features that come in handy for the developers. Let us discuss some of the features that BS or HTML 5 has in offer for the designers or developers.

When we talk about BS design features, they can be categorized into four segments – scaffolding, components, base CSS, plugins for JavaScript. The scaffoldings or the global styles are based on responsive 12-column grids, components, layouts. On the other hand, the components are made up of fundamental styles for certain common user interface features. Again, the JavaScript plugins follow the components though they mainly use JavaScript. The base CSS is comprised of various styles of basic HTML elements, though it primarily includes a series of icons that are known as Glyphicons.

One of the most interesting options that is available to the developers while using Bootstrap is the ability to roll automatically and download the results. The “Customize Page” features provide the option of choosing components, jQuery along with plugins, besides specifying the variables. Developers also have the option of downloading the results in the form of a zip file that contains the standard directories of Bootstrap – css, js, img and so on with all the necessary files in each of them.

Another option that BS has to offer the developers is the option of purchasing or downloading a wide variety of website designs that are created by the third parties. Let us discuss some other features that Bootstrap has to offer.

It is an extremely effective web based tool that the developers or designers use for interface building of twitter bootstrap. It also helps in getting the websites up and running without much of a fuss and work.

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It is another feature that combines BS with a wide range of top-tier web based technologies. The feature comes up with a number of highly advanced properties by the virtue of which it is capable of running authenticated and database-driven web based applications without any native backend. Kickstrap maintains a strong liaison with and this bondage extends a sound and robust front-end package dependency manager that is built on Require.js.

Bootply is a comprehensive HTML, CSS as well as Jscript bootstrap editor as well as building that is highly useful for the developers or designers.

Bootstrap Magic
This is another magic framework, which the developers can use for creating their own themes for twitter bootstrap.

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