10 Programming Languages to Be Aware Of In 2014

When we speak about programming languages, newer types with more value added features are being innovated or structured every now and then. All these languages are bringing in a revolution in the software world. Amongst an appreciable number of software programming languages that are being adored all over the world, let us discuss top 10, which are making news in 2014.

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1. C:
It is an almost over 40 year old general purpose as well as imperative programming language, developed way back in the 70s. From that point of view, it can well be termed as the oldest as well as the most vividly used programming language, especially when it comes to building blocks for other languages namely, C#, JavaScript, Java, Python and so on. C is extensively utilized to implement various operating systems and embed applications.

2. C++
It is another intermediate level platform that comes up with various object oriented features that are originally designed to enhance the functionality of C. C++ helps major software packages like Adobe, Winamp, FireFox and so on. C++ is generally utilized for developing system, software applications, client applications, high-end server, video games etc.

3. Objective C
This is another general purpose language that is object oriented and is used for Apple OS. It also powers APIs as well as Apple’s OS X, iOS. Besides, it is also capable of creating various apps for iPhone.

4. PHP
PHP or HyperText Processor is a server side, open source scripting language that is specifically designed for the dynamic websites as well as development apps. The language comes up with properties that help it to be directly embedded into HTML source documents instead of any external file and this has made the language immensely popular for the web developers. It is one of the most popular languages that are applied to develop sites like Facebook, WordPress, Digg and so on.

5. Erlang
It is another highly popular concurrent, general-purpose as well as garbage collection language as well as runtime system. The sequential subset of this language comes up with capabilities to help in the evaluation, dynamic typing, and single assignment. The language has value added features like hot swapping, so that the codes can well be changed during run time, without stopping a particular system.

6. Python
This is one of the most widely applied and popular scripting languages for server-sides that are specifically designed to be used in mobile apps as well as various websites. It is considered one of the easier languages that the beginners find fairly handy to use, much due to its readability along with its compact syntax. This implies that the developers will have the option of using fewer codes than other similar types of languages for expressing a particular concept.

7. JavaScript
This is one of the most famous client side as well as server-side scripting languages that is developed to be used across various web browsers and is considered essential for development of different interactive as well as animated web functions. The language can also be used for developing games and for writing desktop applications.

8. Ruby
Ruby is a dynamic, scripting platform that is object-oriented and is used to develop websites along with mobile apps. Basically, this platform has been designed in a simplistic way, mainly to power ROR or Ruby on Rails, which is used on Shopify, Scribd, Groupon, and GitHub. The language is considered extremely user-friendly and easy, especially for the beginners.

9. SQL
SQL or Structured Query Language is a specially designed platform that is used to manage data in various RDBMSs or Relational Database Management Systems. It is most extensively used to utilize its unique “Query” function that searches various informational Databases.

10. Haskell
This is a standardized as well as a general purpose programming platform that is purely functional. It comes up with a number of non-strict semantics as well as strong static typing. It can also be used as a functional programming platform, where ‘function’ is used as the primary control construct.

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