The ColdFusion 10 Features That Developers Would Like To Have

Before we discuss about the features of ColdFusion 10, let us see what ColdFusion is. It is a rapid web application development platform that was originally designed to make connecting HTML pages to a particular database easier. Since its inception in the year 2005, a number of versions have been published and currently, version 11 that was published this year in the month of April is in place. However, we will discuss some of the most important salient features of the earlier version 10 that was published earlier in January 2014 this year.

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With the introduction of every version, a string of new features is being added to the platform and version 10 is no exception. In case of the version 10, the entire set of features can be categorized into three main foundations or pillars.

  • Accept the state of the art futuristic technologies
  • Deployment of applications that are enterprise-ready
  • Building applications quickly

Let us now discuss some of the features:

Enhancement of Security
With every new version, the developers have incorporated new features that have made the platform more secured than the previous one and CF 10 is no exception. This version has come up with some value added features that make the app more secured.

CF applications that have been developed all throughout have always been safe and secured. However, thanks to the native support for the OWASP ESAPI functions, the apps will become even more secured and will be able to meet the new age security threats with more vigor.

Syntax Sugar
This feature, which helps in language enhancement, is one of the most important features that make a developer’s life a lot easier.

REST webservices
This is another feature that helps the CF 10 become such an indispensable platform. Native support meant for REST webservices from within a CFC or ColdFusion Component is baked on for POST, DELETE, GET, HEAD, PUT, OPTIONS, and POST request models of HTTP.

This is another feature that helps in easier and faster communication over TCP and helps the server as well as the browser to exchange messages between each other if and when needed. With the introduction of WebSockets, sending a particular request from the browser to the service becomes faster as well as easier by many folds.

CF 10 comes up with another feature called Tomcat, which is its new default J2EE container. Tomcat has replaced JRUN, the aging J2EE container of the earlier versions. Though one quarter of experts are of the opinion that this has hardly made any difference, this has certainly made deployment of CF to a wide array of cloud based systems far easier. This is true in case of both public as well as private systems.

HTML5 charting
This feature helps the CF 10 in supporting various interactive client-side charts that are based on Canvas, Flash, or SVG. The functionality of this feature is supported by the existing CFCHART tag of CF. Apart from this there is immense support for a wide range of various client-side charts. Also, it is also possible to customize the chart style by using JSON objects in the CF 10.

This is one of the most favorite JavaScript technique that has been incorporated it the CF 10.

Java First Class
With the help of this particular feature, it is now possible to build JavaLoader into the language, which in turn allows loading of the Java classes that are placed on the system. This is particularly great for the Java developers as they can access CFCs from within a Java class.

This is another extremely handy feature that helps in improved handling of Priorities, corn commands, application level tasks, chaining, errors, grouping, and so on.

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Choosing the Right Mobile Development Company – Few Measures

There are a lot of companies in the market that regularly come up with mobile apps on a regular basis. All of these companies will very naturally claim to be the best in the business. While on one hand, this may provide a lot of options to choose from, on the other, this may leave a you confused and you may end up choosing one that is either too much expensive for you or falls short of your requirements. However, when it comes to choosing one from amongst them, it is imperative to follow a certain process to make sure that the investment is justified and you have got exactly what is required, and that also at a reasonable price at the end of the day. Let us discuss the procedure of choosing the right mobile development company.

mobile developmentThe first and foremost thing that you need to look into is the development fee that the business will charge. In fact, cost is the basic parameter to eliminate businesses and narrow down the search. However, this does not imply that the business organizations, which will charge lesser price, will do a better job. The bottom line is that it is important to opt for a company that charges reasonable fees and get the job done by experienced developers.

It is important to ask for references from them. A handful of references will help in consulting with the past and present customers of the development house, to get an idea about the service they provide. It also provides an idea regarding the competence of the developers of the business organization in question.

The next thing that is required to be looked into is the venue where the company carries out its developmental work. There are a number of businesses that use overseas developers for reduction of development cost. This at times is associated with a substantial amount of risk as these foreign developers often run way behind the schedule. To add to the woes, there are communication issues due to time difference, language problem, and other reasons. Quality also at times takes a back seat in case developments are outsourced.

Find out the platforms that the company has specialized. There are few businesses, which are better while dealing with iPhones. Some others are more competent with Android.

Opt for the ones that help in deployment of apps. A company might be outstanding in developing the best app, but it will be of no use to you if you do not have access to it. Hence, looking for a developing company that helps in deployment of app is most crucial.

Bank on experience. Do not put your money on newcomers, especially when dealing with a huge project involving a huge amount. It is crucial to opt for a development house that has a substantial amount of experience in similar kind of projects. Access their portfolio to have an idea about the extent of experience they have, when it comes to development of similar kinds of apps.

Opt for a company you can build a sound relationship with. Development of mobile app is not a once-in-a-lifetime activity. Apps generally undergo multiple evolutions, evaluations, as well as cycles that constantly depend upon the feedback of clients. Hence, opt for developing companies that will be easily accessible and will stick with you all along the product life cycle and will not become inaccessible, once they are through with the development and hosting of the app.

Do not get lured too much by price. It is best not to opt for the ones who provide you cheap services. On the other hand, it’s not that those who that charge exorbitant fees need to be summarily avoided. It should be the quality of service and experience that should be the determining factors.

If you are not too much confident about your own judgment prowess, it is safer to consult a specialist, who will be able to guide through the entire process of selecting the right mobile developing company.

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Demand of Silverlight Development and Its Advantages

MS Silverlight can be defined as a framework that is specifically designed for website application development. It mainly incorporates animation, graphics, multimedia and so on. In other words, it can also be defined as a plug-in based on .NET framework that is compatible with a wide variety of browsers, operating systems, as well as devices. The plug-in makes sure that each and every browser-based application provides the end users, an extremely powerful yet handy user interface that can interact with various devices, data, files, as well as various applications like MS Office.

Silverlight (SL) has a great fan following today as its development helps in designing a string of animation effects. The framework uses support for the local font and that ultimately results in faster download. This is what makes a difference, especially when the reaction time is small and there is an ardent requirement of faster work to meet the growing demands.

Silverlight Development

The framework comes up with a string of advantages that are not available while using other frameworks. Moreover, it also results in production of high quality videos besides allowing cross platform as well as cross browser compatibility that provides a somewhat interdependent work for the core area expertise, which ultimately helps in innovating something different as well as unique. Silverline is extremely cost effective. Therefore, in the case of designing an interactive website, it is absolutely unparalleled. It also extends third party support. Thus, it comes in handy while the developers tend to use Ecmascript, Python, or Ruby. Besides, development of SL also provides a complete control over the rich media content for those who are engaged in providing content.

Advantages of Silverlight Development
One of the most prominent benefits of Silverlight development is that it has a much greater user adoption as well as acceptance and this is where it scores over other applications. This becomes particularly apparent in the case of transition from a particular application (that is to be installed on a particular computer), to an application that is browser-based. It can also engage the users much longer by its rich presentation style of content along with its interactive capability.

Another extremely prominent benefit of SIlverlight is its powerful ability of data visualization. Views of Graphical data are generally rich, besides being animated as well as interactive. This naturally is a much superior experience for the users, when compared to the more traditional applications that the users use, particularly when it comes to accessing and probing into the data with just a click of the mouse. It also minimizes the need to scroll up, down, right or left. In SL the teams of developers have got an effective tool that helps in maximizing screen real estate that is really sparse these days.

Silverlight also reduces the cost of development, evaluation, maintenance, as well as support that is required for delivery of successful business applications. SL applications are designed to behave consistently across various types of browsers, which are capable of significantly reducing time for development along with the testing time – a property that is not present in the case of JavaScript and AJAX applications. In fact, experience has time and again proved that creating interactive user interfaces with the help of JavaScript or AJAX is an extremely tedious, messy and at times time-consuming, and buggy process.

Last but not the least, the native integration of SL with SharePoint with its string of interactive controls is the most fundamental reason, why Silverlight has so much demand in the business application building fraternity. Other advantages of developing SL include:

  • Cool as well as interactive applications that are specifically designed to give system adoption a tremendous shot in its arm.
  • More efficient as well as prompt use of screen real estate.
  • Faster along with error free development lifecycles.
  • More dependable as well as consistent applications
  • Great tools for the fraternity developers

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Why is Java preferred over .Net by enterprises?

The question of whether to prefer Java (J) over .Net has been disturbing the fraternity of developers for quite some time. While some say that it is better to vouch for .Net rather than opting for ‘J’, another school of thought says that it is preferable to use ‘J’ instead of opting for .Net. Let us discuss the reasons for which the enterprises nowadays like to prefer Java over .Net.

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Open Source
The fact that Java is an open source language clearly implies that users will not need to pay any licensing fees to Oracle for developing any software using ‘J’. The language is easy, quick to learn and most importantly, complete with a number of value added features and functionality that meet today’s needs. On the other hand, the development of .Net is pretty time consuming as it is far more complicated than ‘J’. Moreover, .Net makes you shell out a substantial amount of money, albeit the presence of a string of free tools. Most importantly, .Net is often plagued by the presence of a number of features with limited functionality.

The advantage that the companies enjoy while using ‘J’ is that they are able to slash the cost of development by a considerable amount with the use of a specific framework for open source software development. Naturally, for the enterprises that are running on a shoestring budget ‘J’ is the best option to vouch for. Besides, since ‘J’ is an open source platform, it helps the developers in doing whatever they feel like and create software solutions as per their will, with the support of a number of development tools that are supported by ‘J’.

Java is platform independent
When it comes to developing cross platform software, ‘J’ is absolutely indomitable. The software systems programmed with the help of ‘J’ codes are executable and can be run across multiple platforms. This is because JVM implementations are cross platform and are compatible with all the major platforms.

When it comes to software development using .NET, Mono can be used for building applications that are compatible to all the major OS. However, what is missing in .NET that ‘J’ comes up with is the user-friendly approach. This is where ‘J’ scores over .NET. Frankly speaking, Java is indeed an ideal platform for software development that makes the entire development process much simpler as well as less cumbersome.

Active Community
The most important part if Java is that, the solutions are absolutely free of cost compared to Microsoft, which charges a hefty amount of money for each and every solution. Java, on the other hand regularly keeps on updating itself with new features, besides improving its functionality as well as effectiveness that comes in handy while creating Java platform. This implies that every software as well as applications can enjoy the advantage of the very latest state of the art technology, without any extra expenses whatsoever – a reason that is enough for the huge popularity of Java.

Safety and Security
Java is more popular because of the improved version of safety as well as security than any other programming language including .Net. Java comes up with certain features that include automatic null checking, verification of each and every byte before execution, run time checking of security along with a string of similar kind of features, which help the developers in building secured apps.

Besides all these, Java helps to infuse a tinge of intelligence in every aspect of our life by changing things that are around us or things that are indispensable parts of our modern life like various electrical or electronic devices, homes, appliances, cities, automobiles and other items that we use in our day to day life.

There are surely other programming languages that are quite useful and are regularly used, but when it comes to discussing about any matured software programming language, nothing can be as handy and as useful as ‘J’ and this is the reason enough that the language is more acceptable and adorable than any other programming language including .Net by the modern enterprises.

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ROR for Developing Websites – What would Businesses Look at?

Each business evaluates the pros and cons of several web application development frameworks, and chooses the option that facilitates website development on time and on budget. A business also has option to choose from a number of widely used web programming languages including Java, PHP, ASP.NET, Perl, Python and ColdFusion. But many reports have highlighted that an increasing number of businesses are opting for Ruby on Rails (ROR) to make it easier for developers to create complex and dynamic web applications within a shorter span of time. If your business is planning to switch to the open source web application development framework that runs through the Ruby programming language, it is time to have a look at some of its prominent features and benefits.

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What Makes Modern Business Opt for Ruby on Rails for Website Development?

Nowadays, websites need to be updated frequently to deliver richer user experience. So businesses often opt for a programming language that allows developers to modify and update websites without putting any extra time and effort. The flexibility nature of ROR makes it easier for programmers to modify websites, and enhance their performance by including nee features. As ROR used Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, the code can be managed effectively between different developers. Further, while writing the code, the programmers can maintain consistency in structure and methodology.

Rapid Development
Each business has to explore ways to beat competition by developing websites rapidly. Along with adopting Agile development principles, ROR also emphasizes on convention over configuration. So the developers can use the web application development framework to conceptualize, plan and develop a variety of web application within a shorter span of time. Further, the enterprises have option to break down the larger projects into smaller parts, and complete the development in a distributed environment.

Adopt Agile Methodology
The term Agile is being used frequently be enterprisers in website development context. In addition to facilitating constant collaboration between the development team and the client, the Agile methodology further offers benefits like transparency, predictable delivery, predictable cost, focus on business values, and option to include changes smoothly. ROR is designed with features to support Agile technology. So the businesses can avail the advantages of Agile methodology to keep the development cycles short and adopt Test Driven Development.

Curtail Development Cost
Like other open source technology, ROR is also effective in reducing the overall cost of developing websites. Despite being free, ROR still comes with the features provided by other commercial web application development frameworks. Thus, it becomes easier for enterprises to optimize the speed, performance and security of their websites without investing any additional funds. At the same time, the reduced development time further helps businesses in beating competition.

Thriving Community of Ruby Developers
As open source software, ROR also allows business to avail the assistance of a large and active community of Ruby developers. Many developers even develop and share code to make it easier for other users to make their web applications interact with other APIs. Some developers even create and share innovative toolkits that help others in creating robust web applications without writing lengthy and complex code. The extensions, enhancements and new documentation shared by the community of developers further make ROR more powerful and futuristic.

Along with making it easier for developers to build complex web application within a stipulated timeframe, ROR further helps businesses in saving development cost. The efficiency of ROR can also be determined from the fact that the web application development framework is used for building many hugely popular and high-traffic websites like Twitter, BaseCamp, Scribd, Github, Shopify and Hulu.

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Exploring Benefits of ColdFusion Web Hosting for Ecommerce Websites

As a rapid web application development platform, ColdFusion enables programmers to create complex ecommerce applications within a stipulated timeframe. Adobe further updates the commercial internet development platform regularly to meet the latest trends in ecommerce development. Many businesses even opt for ColdFusion web hosting to design, develop and deploy internet applications rapidly. As the application server is built on a Java J2EE platform, it delivers enhanced speed and performance.

Further, the programmers can easily optimize the performance of their ecommerce portals by integrating other widely used technologies like Java and Flash. Thus, they can enhance the look and feel of the ecommerce application by including videos, animations and graphics. There are also several benefits that make ColdFusion web hosting the best option to create ecommerce applications.

ColdFusion development services

ColdFusion Web Hosting Features that Boost Ecommerce Websites

Dynamic Web Hosting Platform
In comparison to other websites, ecommerce portals are more complex, and need to support heavy traffic. Along with browsing through the products and services, the ecommerce site must allow customers to pick up, order and make payment without any hassle. So the ecommerce websites are designed with many features and services to deliver rich user experience. The ecommerce websites need to be hosted on highly dynamic hosting platform to run quickly and seamlessly. As a highly stable and dynamic web hosting platform, ColdFusion comes with features required to run a web store smoothly.

ColdFusion web hosting is further considered to be more versatile that other web hosting options. ColdFusion can also be used as a commercial web application development framework to build ecommerce websites with innovative features and integrating third-party services. Further, an entrepreneur can use the framework to collect the information, data and resources required to make and implement an effective business plan. The business reports and client email lists generated through ColdFusion can be used by the entrepreneur to generate more revenues.

Enhanced Performance
An entrepreneur has option to directly communicate with a business accounting software application through ColdFusion web hosting. Thus, it becomes easier for him to keep track of the sales and expenses simply by generating reports. Also, he can access the profiles of individual clients and vendors conveniently to communicate with them effortlessly. So the businessman can easily monitor the performance of his online store, and take the steps required to generate convert the inquiries into sales.

Supports for Many Payment Gateways
The owner of a web store cannot decide how the customer will pay for the products. So the ecommerce sits must support a wide range of payment gateways to deliver rich user experience. ColdFusion web hosting enables entrepreneurs to choose from several hugely popular payment gateways including PayPal Direct Payments, PayPal Express Checkout, Payments Pro, PayPal Payflow Pro, Click2pay, Google Checkout, YourPay and PlugnPay. Further, it makes the credit card payments secure through AVS and CVV2 verification. Thus, the customers can make payment in a secure way, while choosing the payment gateway of their choice.

Option to Personalize the Stores
ColdFusion further makes it easier for web store owners to impress customers by personalize certain elements. The platform makes it easier to build ecommerce websites that encourages visitors to do repeat business. In addition to generating wish lists and verifying the status of their orders, the customers also have option to reorder the products, and recheck their order history. At the same time, the entrepreneurs can use the extremely flexible database to notify customers about new products and special offers.

Backed Support without Any Manual Effort
Often entrepreneurs have to deploy additional staff to take care of backend operations. Normally, additional employees are deployed to make order entry, generate sales reports and print shipping language. They also have to manage customers, website content and barcodes for new products. But ColdFusion enables entrepreneurs to carry out these activities without deploying extra staff. It comes with a back-end integration system that takes care of these activities without any manual effort.

The ColdFusion server is compatible with a variety of web servers running on different platforms. Despite running widely on the Windows Server, ColdFusion web hosting option is also available for both Sun and Linux servers. Thus, a business can host its ecommerce portal without switching to a new operating system.

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