What do you look for in a software development company? Quality or Price?

There are a lot of software development companies in the market. Each of them claims to be the best in the business. From one point of view, it will give a lot of options to choose from. However, from the other it may well leave a customer bedazzled at the end of the day. The customer, as a result may end up choosing a company which is not enough experienced to meet the requirements. Again, it may so happen that the customer selects a company that will charge an exorbitant price that will overshoot the budget by a substantial extent. Hence, it is imperative to select and adopt a definite way, when it comes to looking for the right software development company.

Experts are of the opinion that it is not right to put emphasis solely on the price of services. It is because there are a lot of companies that will promise to deliver service in shoestring budget. However, the quality of most of these ‘so called cheap’ services will be far from the expectation. Hence, what is needed is a right balance between the quality and price. In fact, it is imperative to give more emphasis on quality than price. However, when we speak of quality, there are certain factors that are needed to be focused on, before entrusting the responsibility. Let us discuss them in details.

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While putting more emphasis on the quality instead of price, the following aspects are to be taken into account.

First of all, it is crucial to make sure the developers associated with the service provider have a wide range of customers from various niches of industries. This will imply that the service provider has a wide range of experience. It is because the more experience the software developers will have across a wide range of businesses, the better will be their probability of providing higher quality services.

In this respect, it is important to guarantee that the company has the experience of using various types of technologies. It is definitely better to opt for the firms that have the experience of creating projects in Java, .Net, PHP, C++ for different platforms like web, iPhone, and desktops. In case someone is willing to opt for an organization that will be able to take up the responsibility of an application development, the customer should not opt for firms who have experience on solely that particular technology. Always, companies with a wide range of experience across various platforms or technologies should get preference.

Never opt for big or expensive names. These big names may have a pool of highly talented or experienced developers and technicians, but there is no assurance that your project will reach their desks. It may well be that your requirements will be taken care of by developers who are less talented and even fresher. These big shots will charge exorbitant amounts more because of their reputation and value of their brand name than the quality of work they will deliver. Frankly speaking, at the end of the day it may drill a deep hole in your purse while you do not get what you pay for.

It is better to invest money for companies that mainly use offshore labor. This means, these companies do not rely solely on experts and developers from the developed countries. When that happens, the cost automatically shoots up because of the high labor cost these countries charge. It is better to opt for companies that hire labors from the developing, yet technologically sound countries which charge much lower labor cost.

Companies that deliver quality service will not deliver the entire project once and for all. They will, instead, prefer small and frequent releases in installments. This makes your understanding easier and it can be made surely that the product that is being delivered is entirely glitch free. Besides, it also makes deployment much easier.

Do not opt for companies that have just a few developers. Solid teams that will be delivering the project in time are ideal as that will help in controlling the costs. Experts are of the belief that one should vouch for companies which are home to at least 3 to 4 times more technicians and developers than what is needed to complete the project on time.

A quality software developing firm must have an online tool that will help track and trace the progress of the development. The tool should come in handy when taking care of bugs or features, and will also help in keeping a track of the developers’ working hours or daily notes that is left on an hourly or day to day basis. The company should also make every document available online, including the agreements and the terms & conditions thereof, various invoices, payment details etc.

When it comes to agreements, firms that give the ownership are preferable. The company needs to hand over the resulting source codes and other inventions that come up out of the development.

When you are offering the responsibility of software development to a firm, you better put more emphasis on quality instead of price for it is quality that will make the difference at the end of the day. Again, when you are focusing on quality, all the factors will have to be taken into account to make sure that the software developing company is competent enough to provide you the quality service that you are eyeing for.

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