3 Things Programmers Should Definitely Know About ROR?

Ruby on Rails is fast gaining a lot of popularity both amongst the startup companies as well as those which have been doing business for years and are seasoned campaigners. However, ROR and its acceptability have gone far beyond this early phase of mere acceptability. At present, big players in the online shopping fraternity are extensively using ROR also, for the majority of their newer as well as upcoming projects, and when we speak of acceptability, it is not only these online shopping companies which are accepting ROR. The major IT companies from all around the globe are more and more using Ruby on Rail for the majority of their enterprise projects. Hence, there is no prize in guessing that programmers need to know a lot of things about ROR if they are looking forward to do something really ‘big’ in their programming careers.

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Technically speaking, ROR is basically made up of two distinctive parts – language and the framework. It is a general programming language that has not got anything to do with any specific web application. In fact, it is this generalized character that makes this open source application framework so very adorable nowadays. Ruby can be used without using the rails and can be used as a stand-alone application program, for scripting various server administration tasks even for those applications that do not use Rails.

Now let us get into the three most important aspects of ROR that programmers must need to be familiar with.

New Query Engine
ROR comes up with an amazing state of the art query engine that provides the users the option of easily retrieving back the data that is needed. It also offers a seamless flexibility to the controller code. These changes show up their efficacy as well as importance in a number of places, though the most important privilege that it offers is evident when it comes to fetching the data in the controller. This ‘find method’ is used in version 2 for retrieving the data and for passing in the arguments to specify various conditions, limits, grouping, and for other query information.

Default Settings
In ROR, a Mailer is actually a class that can have a number of methods. Each of these methods is specifically designed to generally configure as well as send emails. Previously, the user had to set all the required parameters for each of the emails separately in each of these methods. However, in version 3 things are more advanced and defaults can be specified and can optionally be overwritten in each of the methods.

Dependency Management
One of the mainstays of ROR framework is its wide range of gems that available to be used by the developers or programmers. Knowing about these gems will make the task of the developers significantly easier irrespective of the fact whether it is for authentication or for handling various transactions or managing file uploads or anything else. These gems will surely come to the aide while resolving various issues.

In fact, issues can obviously arise. However, a sound knowledge about these gems will enable the developers who are working in various environments will help design as well as develop ROR in a seamless way. Again, when it comes to solving various types of issues along with handling situations, Rail 3 has the bundle gem that helps in managing the discrepancies.

These are only some of the features of the ROR 3 that the developers need to know in order to be able to work on the application in a seamless way. A thorough knowledge about these three aspects will surely help the developers in a great way and that is the reason, knowledge about these three aspects is an absolute ‘must’.

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