Scale up your small business with the help of Ruby on Rails (ROR)

For development of software, there are several options available in terms of technologies to be used. However, when selecting the technology to use you have to consider the actions of the application to be developed. In case of small businesses, it becomes all the more necessary to consider all pros and cons before making the selection since they need all the help that they can get to ensure its stability. In most cases, small businesses prefer Ruby on Rails or ROR in short as it is fondly known as. In case of major web applications, the required features as well as functionality for quick development is included in this framework.

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The framework ROR helps in building of websites, making the entire process of creation as well as maintenance of sites quite easy and affordable. This web framework is written in Ruby which gives it the name. It consists of a collection of libraries, tools as well as additions to the languages, enabling quick creation of web-based software. Here is a brief background to explain the reasons for its immense popularity.

Development time becomes faster- The main concept during creation of ROR was convention over configuration. In case of most technologies, developers must spend quite some time to make decisions regarding the setting up of an application. In this approach the decisions already come as being made through conventional or sensible defaults which will work well in most applications. This effectively means that a large part of the time can be spent by the developers for working on unique aspects of some problem they need to solve. The focus is not at all on the mundane setting up factors. This leads to quicker launches.

Easy changes- Another concept embraced by Rails is DRY or don’t repeat yourself which insists that your code should not be duplicated. Instead it should be organized in a manner so that the code which is required in various places is written just once and then it is shared elsewhere. The “copy/paste coding” concept is avoided, making code maintenance and changing anything quite easy later on due to leaner code-bases.

Automated testing- Testing is something which the community is quite passionate about. It is a common thing to have complex features which have to be broken up in several different parts. While building each of the components, their smooth functionality is something which has to be ensured without breaking the already working things during the building of new functionality later on. Automated testing allows you this very thing; it writes codes to test the application. A single command is needed to run the test code and all the different cases will be tested quickly to ensure the smooth working of everything.

Modular design- The modular design of Rails is yet another advantage. Commonly major programming languages have libraries to help you add particular functionality to software; ROR is no exception. All kinds of functionality can be added to web applications through the libraries. Some of the most commonly used ones are for adding of features like creation of PDF files, user logout / login functionality, information display on Google Maps, integration with third-party services like text messaging, newsletter, email services, etc.

Building plug and play applications- Building plug and play functionality blocks is literally a piece of cake and is far more easier than any other technology. Effectively, elements from the current custom application can be taken to be used in some other future projects. There is no need to build the whole thing from scratch. The apps become multipurpose as well as expandable.

Multi platform support- Each and every operating system can make use of ROR. The programming language underlying has been ported to several platforms. JRuby enables us to run ROR apps on Java Containers, enabling us deployment of it in several enterprise environments.

The ROR framework is a must-needed one for small enterprises. In fact, it is not only popular amongst small businesses but among big players as well with Twitter, Hulu and Groupon making full use of it. It is great for membership sites, ecommerce, custom database solutions, content management, etc making it a multitasking platform.

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