Smartphone Users Will Have At-least One Health App By 2015

Nowadays more and more consumers are using health applications. Based on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, approximately 500 million smartphone users will use at least one health-care application by 2015. According to IMS Health, a health-care performance information group located in the city of Danbury, Connecticut, there are over 40,000 health and fitness applications available in the market. Many of these applications are prepared for doctors and rest are for the consumers. The applications not only saves time and are cost effective but also comes with easy-to-use guide.

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In case you struggle taking care of an ear infection or of a strange rash, you usually visit to a doctor’s clinic and additionally time out of your job, if you’re working away from home. But if you have an application related to such problems, you can simply snap an image of your rash or ear canal, and send that to your physician. For an example CellScope Oto and application having an attachment which allows you to switch your iPhone to an otoscope. The tool doctors frequently use to look at the interior of an ear canal. As per Erik Douglas, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of CellScope has stated that ear infections had been a high reason behind visits to a doctor for your child, now Oto device could help in removing unnecessary appointments. A variety of applications and online services nowadays enables you to correspond with your skin specialist by simply taking an image of the rash or mole and sending it electronically. The concept behind an innovative variety of applications and devices which progressively put health tools within the hands of consumers.

According to Ceci Connelly, Managing Director at Health Research Institute, consumers are comfortable and progressively using walk-in health centers for little health problems and they also see at-home electronic tools so far an additional standard of convenience. The development of do-it-yourself examinations and tests belongs to a move in healthcare in the direction of consumer involvement which started with online health information websites and it is quickly moving at improvement in mobile technologies. The founder of the Center for Connected Health, Joseph C. Kvedar mentioned that during these initial phases of mobile health tools, physicians may be most comfortable making use of them to speed up follow-up treatment, or even deal with issues having a low volume of risk, For example, the patient who does well within a treatment for acne could possibly send images and reply a couple of questions for the skin specialist to feel comfortable suggesting the patient to carry on a plan for treatment without an in-person examination. Dr. Robert L Quillin from Webster, Texas is a pediatrician has used Cell Scope’s Oto for months during its testing stage. He explained, in the shape of a regular otoscope, it fits on the phone’s camera, that has plastic tip which is put into the patient’s ear, and functions the phone camera to take the snap or make a video clip of the ear canal and eardrum. He could show the image to the patient instantly. He explained, a doctor or nurse practitioner should understand the picture, create a diagnosis and recommend the essential treatment. It also helps in teaching about ear infections to medical students, he said.

Health and fitness apps became progressively common in recent times. Some of the applications which physicians recommend their patients such as Diabetes App for patients with diabetes; Diabetes in Check for type 2 diabetes; Glucose Companion for blood sugar and weight tracker; Blood Pressure Monitor – Family Lite for patients to monitor their blood pressure and weight; HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker for recording blood pressure, resting heart rate, and weight; Tweetwhatyoueat for weight loss; iPregnancy for my pregnant patients. There are many more applications which doctors recommend their patients.

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