Some of the biggest myths about Java

Java’s first version was launched in 1995 and since then several versions have been launched after fixing bugs as well as making improvements. Despite, being in the industry for such a long time, there are a lot of myths associated with Java since there are many people who will believe exactly what they want to believe, ignoring all better judgement. There have been much speculations, discussions as well as arguments related to various aspects of Java. This article aims to bust a few common myths that are associated with this language in the minds of people.

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It is slow- A few people feel that this is slow in the start-up times, especially when compared with C++ or simple PHP applications. The applications may take some time for loading but the same can be said for .NET or other such big libraries. However, the latest Java update ensures that the loading time is much faster in comparison to the previous models. There is no point in comparing it to other programs as each has its own individual set of problems associated. C++ is the fastest but Java can be said to be faster than many other languages.

It is dead- This is said by a few since it has been in the industry for almost two decades and its last major release had been quite some time back. However, it is not fair to assume that it is dead just because of that since similar instances of no major releases can be found in C++ or Microsoft Windows. Other languages may evolve quite fast but you must remember that these languages are quite new, so they need much polishing to be done. Some people also cite that the language’s popularity is slipping through some indexes or statistics. But if investigated properly then it may be seen that these surveys are actually incomplete. They do not show the full truth, just investigate a few parameters.

Your hard drive may be read and files deleted by applets- The truth is that when applets attempt to access any local file, then a SecurityException will be thrown. The applets will crash if it is uncaught but without any file access occurring. Digitally signed applets that are granted with additional privileges, is the sole exception to this. A dialog box will be displayed by your browser to ask whether the applet author’s identity is accepted or not. If unsure it is best to choose no, to be safe.

Applets cannot be relied upon as differences in Internet Explorer and Netscape does not make writing stable applets a stable proposition- Different JVMs, various versions and kinds of browsers result in the varying behaviours of running applets. The users as well as developers may find the differences frustrating but the best solution for this is using single JVM to use across all browsers. This can be achieved by virtue of Java Plug-in which can bypass the JVM of browser to use its own, resulting in uniform performance.

Web browser is a must-have as Java cannot run without it- There are several forms of the code. Users are mostly familiar with applet running inside web browsers. But it is very simple to run Java application like normal programs. All you have to do is install JVM from some vendor to run the programs. A web server often runs Java servlets which may be termed as replacements for ASP or Active Server Pages as well CGI scripts. These are quite fast in fact and more efficient that CGI scripts.

Many people do not realize it, but there is a lot of potential in the language. There is more to the software than just applets. They are quite secure and hard drive will not be deleted. In case of any problem, installing plug-ins will help you solve them.

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