Why Should .Net Developers Care About Node.js – Few Reasons

Prior to discussing about the importance of knowledge about Node.js for the .NET developers, it is important to know what Node.js is. Node.js is a typical type of software platform that is strategically built for the server-side usage along with networking applications. These applications are basically written in JavaScript and they can be run within runtime on Mac and Windows OS as well as Linux without any changes whatsoever.

Now it is imperative for the developers to have a substantial knowledge about Node.js and let us discuss – why.

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The first and foremost reason is because the platform has tremendous extent of scalability. Indeed, an astounding technology has been used to develop the platform and that is why with the help of this platform, the expertise of a .NET developer reaches an altogether new height.

This platform is in fact a pleasant surprise for a developer. There are quite a number of nodal modules that will help make the transition of .NET to Node less painstaking as well as time consuming. Hence, even if someone is master in .NET development it is imperative to know this platform as this will make life easier for the developer in question.

This particular module would allow hosting Nodal applications inside the IIS on the Windows. This provides substantial advantages to the Nodal apps as IIS supports lifetime management and a considerable amount of support for the web gardens, integrated security and so on.

This is another drop-in replacement for the in-built HTTP stack of Node that uses the kernel-mode http.sys driver in the Windows so as to provide an enhanced as well as high-quality performance along with kernel-level output caching. This naturally helps the .NET developers a lot when it comes to development.

This a model that was designed and developed for querying against the local as well as the cloud based SQL servers from within the Node apps. This counts in terms of effectiveness so far as .NET development is concerned.

This particular module provides an integrated windows authentication to the applications of various Nodes. These are somewhat similar to the traditional integrated auth experience so far as ASP.NET is concerned. It also comes in handy in case of form based authentication as it depends upon the passport.js authentication module.

edge.js is another module that makes way for a solid Node/.Net integration. It will allow the developer to call any arbitrary .NET code from within any Node application. Any .NET code can be shoehorned into any async delegate and that will be very much usable. This provides a tremendous extent of advantage when it comes to integrating it with the existing .NET code library. Newer Node applications can be written and this will come in handy for the valuable core functionalities that are written in .NET, without the need of re-writing them in Javascript afresh.

While this platform is a remarkable technology, the most significant benefit is that it does not have to depend on the thread pools for the purpose of achieving a definite asynchrony. It helps in encouraging various asynchronous scripting codes that are to be used on a server. If and when a particular request waits for a definite operation, it has the capacity of releasing the threat in question for responding to another request at the same time.

In fact, the platform encourages various non-blocking behaviors. Though the platform is itself single threaded, it does not remain preoccupied so as to make callbacks waiting and can actually accommodate an increased amount of traffic than what a conventional web server like Apache or IIS does per thread.

This offers a huge advantage to the development of .NET by speeding up the synchronization process of the operation. Hence, so far as development is concerned, the platform provides a huge shot in the arm by making the development easier, quicker and most importantly, less complicated.

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Importance Of Patient Engagement In Health IT

Engagement of patients in health IT is getting more and more important these days. It was always necessary, but now this phenomenon has gained momentum in terms of importance as the modern physicians, medical practitioners as well as healthcare organizations are putting more emphasis on it. This is mainly because their financial success largely depends on the extent of patient involvement in health care IT.

The concept can well be attributed to the importance it carries in today’s context. In fact, there have been a lot of top notch healthcare organizations that have been engaging their patients in health IT. Moreover, the emergence or introduction of new cutting edge technologies backed by the growing influence of more patient-centric approach in the delivery of treatment as well as care is making this phenomenon all the more important.

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Let us see how an effective engagement of patients supports health care reforms and improves the expenditure related to treatment along with care.

Statistics say that effective involvement or engagement of patients in health care IT leads to significant cost saving as this enables the right kind of information to be delivered to the people subjected to treatment, thus leading to the much desired transparency in the entire system.

When there is no room for patient engagement, this leads to a gap in communication and patients may end up doing tests along with other stuffs that may not be needed, thereby increasing the cost unnecessarily. However, statistics clearly suggest that whenever people subjected to treatment are communicated with in a proper way regarding their conditions, they can understand and determine various options they have, to counter their medical condition. It is seen that in the majority of these cases, people take the less expensive yet effective paths.

It has also become apparent that the propagation of various internet-based mobile services and the ubiquity of the network connections that are available has made patient engagement in medical IT extremely easier than before and a substantial amount of people are now getting back to the healthcare service providers with valuable feedbacks which is making the task of these service providers easier so far as treating those patients is concerned.

So importance has been conferred to this engagement, that several health care service providers have even introduced mobile applications exclusively designed for patient feedback to ensure more and more patients get actively involved and engaged with the health IT service.

With a view to bridge up whatever communication gap there is between the service providers and the patients, newer technologies are being introduced. However, experts are of the opinion that before a patient actively starts getting engaged the individual at first needs to realize the extent of the effect it will have on the outcome or the diagnosis. Once this happens, then the involvement will be more effective at the end of the day, especially when it comes to treating any particular ailment and improving the relation between the service provider and the patient. After all, the very objectives of involvement of a patient in health IT is to improve the overall health of the patients, along with the relation between the two sides.

As the responsibility of the patients toward treatment costs increases, they have more ground to demand better convenience and more sophisticated solutions of engagement. Patients who do not get optimal satisfaction will have the chance to shift to another health care service provider.

Besides, providers who use various engagement solutions for patients like online portals are more efficient and are in a better position to properly respond to the needs of the patients resulting in better convenience.

Patient engagement in medical IT systems includes various portals that have substantially lowered the indirect as well as direct costs of practices, like mailing the costs for lab results, billing queries resolved via online instead of phone, online scheduling of appointments with doctors or online appointment reminders.

Both private as well as public insurance payers are now shifting to the performance-based reimbursement models when it comes to dealing with health insurance claims. Patient engagement in health care IT is hence extremely important for these value-based models of payment.

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