Netsuite as an ERP – Pros & Cons

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning; through this software various functions necessary for the smooth functioning of a business like order as well as inventory management, human resources, accounting CRM or customer relationship management, etc can be integrated into a single complete system so that information and processes can be streamlined across the organization. All ERP systems have shared databases for supporting of multiple functions of various business units. This essentially means that employees of different divisions may rely on same information for their particular needs. Through this, a degree of synchronized automation as well as reporting is allowed.

Netsuite servicesNetSuite is a ERP software that is Cloud-based. This ecommerce and accounting solution offers multilevel support as well as partner collaboration for companies. Business efficiency may be increased through this software by its accounting, sales, billing as well as shipping functionality. These functions are offered from the same base records, which is unlike other solutions that require multiple database support as well as records for every process. Some other main functions offered by it are sales team tracking, fulfilment and shipping, revenue recognition, financial reporting, sales force automation, budgeting as well as ecommerce management.

To determine whether NetSuite is suited for your ERP needs or not, you have to go through the pros and cons of the software carefully.


Widely integrated software system- The wide integration of this single software system for business is meant for use throughout the enterprise. There is respectable balance between product depth and application breadth in it.

Ecommerce shopping cart- In the SaaS ERP market for SMB companies, the ecommerce shopping cart can be said to be the best integrated solution. The impressive ecommerce solution is provided by the virtue of advanced functionality like affiliate marketing, keyword marketing module, promotional URLs, eBay integration, basic SEO capabilities along with credit card processing in real-time.

PRM module- This system ensures that the PRM or Partner Relationship Management module remains thoroughly integrated as well as well designed, providing great lead distribution, partner performance metrics, commission management along with joint forecasting.

Solutions- Several vertical market or industry specific solutions can be achieved through this software. In case of internet delivery on-demand, a thin-client native solution can be designed as well.

Market leadership- NetSuite being a marketing powerhouse, the leadership is quite strong.

Application security along with navigation- The functions are role-based and through this structure a distinguishable difference is provided from the other ERP systems. This may prove to be a disadvantage for some cases, but in cases where security is of prime importance, this is a definite advantage.

Digital dashboards- These flexible pieces look really impressive.


Difficulty in using- The system may be difficult to use in case of some people. The intuitiveness of the product must be improved. The customization tools may prove to be difficult as well. Some complimentary product tools are provided but they are non-intuitive as well as limited in function.

Customer support- The customer support is troublesome; the operation has been shifted to Manila which is seemingly unresolved as well as problematic.

Cost of customer support- The costs are quite high when compared to other hosted ERP systems.

Product upgrades- Upgrading can prove to be really troublesome. The old-fashioned and unusual phased release of upgrade is used by NetSuite as opposed to the approach used and supported by major SaaS companies which is all at the same time.

The system is quite balanced with its pros and cons; the ultimate choice is dependent on the individual along with the requirements. A mid-sized company can reap a lot of advantages from the affordable solutions offered by the software. It may result in increased efficiency but adequate research must be done to ensure that the end solution meets the needs of the users.

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