Top 3 Ruby On Rails Based CMS For Commercial Use

Ruby on Rails, which is at times simply referred to as Rails, is actually an open source WAF or Web Application Framework, that runs through Ruby – a premium programming language. Rail is a full-stack framework, that facilitates creation of pages as well as applications that collate information from web servers, query databases, and most importantly, create innovative, creative templates. The framework comes up with a unique routing system that does not depend upon the functionality of the server.

Rails development servicesCMS, frankly speaking is one of the most adorable computer systems, that helps in seamless publication, editing, as well as modification of contents from a particular central interface. CMS is highly user-friendly. Besides, it also allows the end users in seamless management of contents. PHP based Content Management Systems like Joomla, Drupal, WorkPress are playing pivotal roles at present in the web world.

Ruby on Rail has also impacted the world of CMS or Content Management System in a great way as well. The CM System based Rails are getting more and more popular, as these tools are extremely durable as well as robust, with a wide range of functionality in the world of Content Management System.

Let us deal with three most popular Ruby On Rails based CMS, that are specifically designed for commercial use.

Refinery CMS

Top in the list of Rail based CMS, is the Refinery CMS. Truly, it is the most popular CMS that is based on version 3.2 of ROR. It is free of cost and is an open source software. That means, it can be downloaded for free and the users do not need any license for downloading.

It helps the users to have a complete control over designing, making the layout, and JavaScript through core extensions. This CMS architecture helps the user with an array of highly advanced as well as state of the art tools that help the users to add or change the functionality or getup of the front-end in a perfect and effortless way.

By default, this particular Rail based CM System comes with a wide array of views to the site front-end. It also gives the users the option of customizing designs as well as layouts with the simple process of overriding. The architecture of Refinery CMS offers a string of extremely easy ways when it comes to adding extensions for managing a variety of sections in a website.

This particular CMS is highly easy to install and the users can start posting in hardly any time. This user interface is extremely attractive as well as bright and catchy. It can easily attract the attention of the users.

Browser CMS

It is based on ROR version 3.2 framework and is the second best in terms of popularity. This ROR Content Management System offers a string of features that can only be detected in the commercial Content Management System. This ROR based Content Management System comes up with an architecture that provides a free hand to the users in terms of designing pages. The UI is extremely user-friendly, so much so that even someone who is technically not that sound, can manage it without any difficulty whatsoever.

The CM System comes up with a string of developer-friendly features that include templates that contain more than one editable area along with a standard CRUD interface for managing different types of contents as well as core modules. The section based safety or security feature in the Browser CMS would allow 2 secured access levels – CMS users and the public users.

The Browser CM System would support the functionality of page caching, that would decrease the load on the server. The Direct in Context Editing feature will allow the users to browse contents and make modifications to the pages.

Locomotive CMS

This is the third most popular ROR based commercial CM System. It comes up with Wagon, which is an extremely powerful command line tool, that helps to develop the site in a seamless way. This system offers a wide range of developer-friendly attributes like in-line editing, perfect multi-site management, Liquid templates along with customized content types.

It also helps in effortless multi-site handling and all the user needs to do is to point the name of the domain to the server of the Locomotive CM System. Copying files or setting up new database is not needed. The UI of this system is extremely user-friendly. It also gives the liberty of adding as well as editing the contents without even interfering into the design or the getup of the site.

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