HTML5 – Growing in dominance in the mobile market

Various devices like PCs, Smartphones and tablets are used to access many kinds of mobile applications. HTML5 is at the center of attention these days, especially among those who want to create apps which will work on a variety of gadgets and all web browsers will support them. When applications are developed in HTML5, then codes are provided across a variety of platforms and you will not have to write the complete application right from the very beginning for each and every platform. This makes HTML the preferred choice for making the entire interface or at least most of it anyway.

Hire HTML5 DeveloperA combination of the technology along with CSS3 as well as JavaScript can yield some seriously incredible results. In fact, in case of mobile devices, any modern operating system requires a modern web browser that is HTML5 compliant. The main mobile platforms- Android as well as iOS follows this for their base.

Lightweight apps- For simple apps with simple functionality, this platform may be the best bet. Through this platform, building of apps that do not need any device interrogation, robust native application or performance can be done easily. In fact, this is used as a base for many newspaper apps.

Frequent updating- Often organizations that plan for deployment of apps that require frequent update cycles, become wary of the time that may be required for users to go through the upgrading process in their phones. In this area, HTML5 has a huge advantage as centralized deployment as well as instantly available updates are allowed by the platform.

Cross platform- If an application has to be delivered for a variety of mobile devices, but within a limited budget and time, then this platform is the best way to make it happen. Later on, if the such a need arises, then the web application may be replaced with a native application. In fact, according to surveys and reports, 64% of professionals involved in business technology rates this support very critical and important.

Prototype of Native apps- You may have plans of replacing apps-based native framework subsequently. This can be done with the use of web-based mobile apps as the base, since developing a native one from scratch will prove to be a costly affair. But the designing needs a considerable amount of planning, testing and reviewing, especially if functionality is to be brought to the mobile device by the app; more so, if the users are familiar with the large scale applications of the enterprise. On the other hand, developing a good app with the help of this framework before investing in native development is easier, as deployment and development become faster as well.

Mixing it up or hybrid apps- There is a lot of debate about which platform stands out to be the best for the development of an application- HTML5 or Native. However, recently, most developers have resorted to using the best advantages of both the software packages. People are finding that instead of building an app solely with a single technology, it is best to combine both for the best user interface. This helps the developer to use the best and appropriate tools for a particular feature. There may be downsides to this as the developer must be able to handle both. However, after the challenges are overcome, the application will be able to function across all kinds of web browsers as well as devices; according to predictions made by experts, the future of the mobile apps will depend upon this hybridization.

Whether functioning as framework or acting as a basis for mobile web apps, HTML5 is no doubt the future of mobile application development. It will continue to be a primary driving force by virtue of its functionality as well as cost and resource-saving nature. In fact, with further evolution of technology, it will not be surprising to find more and more HTML5-based elements in native applications as well in the days to come.

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