How will Android app improve your business?

One of the most happening trends of the current time is the use of smartphones. With each passing day the market of mobile application continues in its popularity streak. In fact, gone are those days when the phone was just an over-powered toy; it has now transitioned to a productive business tool. Some stats can help you grasp the importance of smartphones in today’s context. Out of the 4 billion mobile phones used in the world, 1 billion are smartphones. Within 2014 data usage in mobile will overtake the internet usage in desktop. In fact 50% of the local internet searches are conducted from these phones. Now proper applications will be able to solve many of your business problems and benefit both the end user as well as the clients.

android application development servicesCreating virtual office- No matter where you are, at restaurants or simply holidaying with your friends, your device will ensure the completion of your work. Our devices ensure that information can be easily and quickly accessed, making the work days more productive and simplifying interaction with the company. Virtual office space may consist of management software for client relationship, project management software, document sharing, invoicing, expenses, time tracking, etc.

Cost-effective sales marketing- You can use the various apps to let customers know about your recent launches, events, services, etc by taking advantage of the advertising opportunities given to corporate funders. The funders gain a lot through the advertising which reinforces their brand, gaining product exposure to user groups that are highly relevant.

Facilitating client relationships- Social networking strategies are greatly improved with mobile apps since they help in increase of exposure and accessibility, allowing you to connect with customers who are on-the-go. Your customer-base will be increased and you will be available all the time as apps can function offline. Moreover just a second is all you need to launch some app which is there on the home screen of a phone.

Software’s new platform- With the progress of mobile technology, there is expansion of boundaries related to tablet and smartphone software. There are sector specific software for every industry and they cater to the respective market. The proprietary programs of sectors like navigational, educational along with agricultural among others have been redeveloped, thanks to the apps which has resulted in broadening of the product reach of the respective company.

Some Apps To Give You Better Business

Some apps which benefit you in your business in the long run are listed here.

Docs to go- Many of us do not like to drag our laptops wherever we go, so it is essential that Microsoft Office be accessed from mobile devices at all times. Looking at documents or editing spreadsheets becomes an easy job with the help of Docs To Go. The functionality of the application is top-notch and it also provides peace of mind when you know that you and your documents are inseparable.

Evernote- There are several times that you may have some brilliant idea for new products but lack of paper and pen for scribbling it down, which results in valuable loss. Evernote acts as a digital notebook; it can store everything like notes, web pages, photos, audio clips and PDF files. The app is easily accessible and searchable.

Expensify- Business travelers can benefit a lot with this app as it helps keep you consolidated as well as organized. It helps keep tabs on your business expenses as well as mileage through scanning of receipts with the help of the camera of your device and then importing data from bank or credit card. This relieves you of the pain of drafting expense reports.

There are lots of applications that can help make your business life simpler. In fact these days, we find it hard to function without Google Translate as well as Google Drive. This field has seen astounding growth and becoming a part of this world helps you efficiently conduct your businesses worldwide.

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