Mastering Performance Testing in an Agile Environment – A Unique Challenge

Testing in the agile environment is growing popular and it is actually a challenge for the quality assurance teams to work in accordance with the present development trends. Now, performance testing is carried out using various methods and tools. Effective testing depends on quite a few factors such as the skills of the agile tester, the tools that are being selected, the approach that is being taken and so on.

Testing Skills

independent software testing servicesTo begin with, for any agile tester, it is necessary for him to be acquainted with a number of tools and techniques, precisely all that are usually implemented. All of the testers are important, as they take equal part in the entire procedure of testing. Subsequently, a thorough understanding of the areas and domains that are being developed is quite essential. The necessary skills usually involve a knowledge about the tools that help in developing tests, which ultimately lead to a meaningful feedback.

Test Automation Tools

Apart from having the basic skills, the members in a testing team should also be aware about the right automation tools, without which everything can actually go wrong. Getting the right tool requires one to take note of the following requirements:

  • The tool should be OS friendly and should support as many operating systems as possible.
  • The cost of the tool should not be as high as to go over the stipulated budget of the enterprise.
  • It should be easily understandable as well as effectively navigable. The user interface should be such that even a person with little knowledge can handle it without trouble.
  • Those that come with a code less architecture are preferred because these reduce the necessity of writing codes.
  • The tools must lead to quick results as well as reporting abilities for the testers to be able to respond to the requirements of the particular environment of agile testing.

The Agile Testing Environment

The development environment, consisting of certain things ranging from the rather simple machines to the cloud environments dealing with external services, must be checked by the team as well. Problems or bugs in the applications are often the result of the troubles in the network, configurations or backend data. It is, therefore, necessary for the particular team to put focus on improving the quality of the overall environment instead of trying to detect the causes behind the respective problems.

Allocation of Resources and Timings

Allocation of time turns out to be a crucial point when it comes to developing, testing and fixing the iterations. Ideally, the test automation process should be started along with the development to avoid lags while also helping the team get more productive. A successful project accomplishment is one in which there are no last minute rushes and enough time is left for the explanatory test part.

TestComplete in Agile Testing

TestComplete in Agile testing is helpful because it is quite developer and tester- friendly. Enterprises go for this procedure as, it reduces the risk of specialization or what is better referred to as single- role maintainability of the test suite.

Summing it up, here is a list of few more tips that can be of use for the developers.

  • It is always desirable to execute tests on a continuous basis
  • The suites should not run for more than 1 hour. This is primarily because the one hour suites will be free from redundant flows. Alongside, they wont have more than 5% automation defects, which can further be reduced to zilch.
  • Opposed to the commonly held idea, tests fail when there is a real defect and not because of a failure in automation.

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