14 Must-See Mobile App Designs For Inspiration

Mobile apps along with responsive websites are constantly developing, functioning and looking better than ever, as expert designers come to the various advanced terms having the parameters involved. With the smarter look, even the smaller screens do not necessarily give poorer experiences. The good sign so far as apps designing is concerned is the restrictions of cellular devices as these help in focusing the minds of professional designers.

Latest Mobile App Development Trends

It seems to the users that the very best design really stands out, and does a great job in terms of understanding user behavior on the smaller devices. There are a number of instances that go certain way towards proving that mobile websites and apps can really communicate functionality clearly. Nowadays, application designers and developers have become more prominent in the field of extensible web. The markets are found to be flooded with Android as well as iOS apps which also earned considerable profits for several small development studios. In today’s time, as the smartphone era is taken off with an immense buzz, app developers and designers are in high demand.

Here are a great collection of 15 mobile app UI designs for Inspiration. Some of these are especially designed for iOS, which is considered as the powerhouse of the modern smartphone market.

1. Behance: The Behance is a creative portfolio android app and it is now available for beta testing. It offers easy content accessibility with huge project previews.


2. Dribbble: Now browsing has become easier with this android application. It is easy to explore and search in your mobile device.


3. Location Finder: It enables users to browse their phonebook contacts saved by their locations. It also helps in knowing location of outgoing or Incoming calls or any mobile number (at City level/State/Country). It also displays the time of the last interaction with that phone number.

Location Finder

4. Task Manager: This Android application keeps users focused, organized and more productive. task Such application helps you schedule the tasks in proper way while improving the performance of your cell phone.


5. Task Tracking: Task Tracker is an open source and free to use project management application which minimizes overhead to maximize productivity as well as accountability.

Task tracking

6. Slide Concept: Mobile Slides concept is a complete solution to the presentation needs. It supports retina display in new iPad.


7. Fashion App: This App offers a lot of innovative ideas or best combinations for the latest styles.


8. Music App: With such apps it is easy to play, share and discover your favorite music on Android and the web.


9. Room App: It offers free drawing or predefined shapes of a room shape with touch or S-Pen.


10. Portfolio App: With the help of this application you can show, add or organize your photographic art work quickly and with ease.


11. Fantasy Leagues App: This application provides users with all the things they need to manage or help their fantasy football team via mobile site related to official Fantasy Premier League. Various other things required for making all crucial tactical decisions are also offered by this app.

Fantasy Leagues

12. Live Messages App: With these apps you can have live experience anywhere by tracking or comparing your achievements, connecting with your live friends. You can also review various latest games.


13. Weather App: Android weather apps offer the accurate and quick weather forecast. It searches your address to locate cities and provide the current weather condition, current temperature, wind speed, direction as well as humidity along with ten, five days or hourly weather forecast.


14. Alarm Clock App: The digital alarm clock as well as timer apps are meant to solve all your timing needs.


All these apps testify to the mobile design platform that indeed offers some advanced features for inspiration. Presumably, all these apps as well as design features would definitely work wonders, provided the user experience mirrors designing. Check out new mobile applications, especially iPhone designs that inspire app industry to go for flat design. With enhanced market accessibility, you can simply get and enjoy any of the really beautiful models of flat mobile app designs.

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