What Analytics Can Do for Your Mobile App?

Enterprises often explore innovative ways to keep its consumers engaged. With more and more companies investing in mobile application development, the apps can, nowadays, be used as a medium to evaluate and deliver user experience. Similar to websites, the performance and usage of the mobile apps also needs to be constantly monitored to deliver the experience expected by consumer. Each business also has option to track the performance of its business app using several mobile app analytic tools.

Along with free tools like Google’s Mobile App Analytics, and paid tools like Adobe Analytics Suite, an enterprise also has option to opt for specially designed analytic tools like Playtomic, Localytics and Flurry. However, it is also important for a company to evaluate the pros and cons of different analytic tools, and choose the one that complements its application’s requirements and usage. If you are planning to monitor, measure and evaluate the performance of your mobile application using these analytic tools, it is time to understand how the tools can contribute towards making your business application popular.

What Analytics Can Do for Your Mobile App?

Check the Actual Usage of Your Mobile App
expert mobile app developersMost enterprises evaluate the popularity of their apps based on number of downloads. But it is also important to a business to understand if the apps are actually being used by customers. The analytic tools will help you in understanding if the app is actually being used, along with the nature of the usage and the number of customers uninstalling it. As the usage of the app is essential for retaining customers, you can use the analytic data to engage users, and convince them to download the updated version of the application.

Optimize the Mobile App Marketing Strategy
Each enterprise chooses the feature and functionality of the app according to the latest trends in user demand. But there are always chances that some of the features need improvement to deliver better user experience. The mobile app analytics will help you in identifying the features that must be improved to make your app more popular. Further, the information will help you promoting your application properly by identifying the bottlenecks that prevent a user from downloading it. You can even modify your mobile app marketing strategy, and eliminate the ineffective promotional techniques.

Identify the Features that Keep the Users Engaged
An enterprise also needs to learn what feature or aspects of its app are having a huge impact on users. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of its app, a business can easily explore options to deliver improved user experience. Along with the features that need improvement, the mobile application analytics will further help you in identifying the features or aspects of the app that get more response from users. The understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your app will help you in releasing its updated version.

Keep Track of Your Competitors
Some mobile app analytic tools are designed with specific features to offer market data. However, an enterprise has to incur some additional expenses to avail these analytics providers. The market data provided by the analytics tool will make it simpler for the user to understand performance of similar applications in the app store in terms of number of downloads and price. An enterprise can further evaluate the market data to identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors’ marketing strategies. It can even consider offering discounts to make the app more popular by beating competition.

Calculate Return on Your Investment
Each business has to invest some amount of time, effort and fund to build and promote a mobile application. So each enterprise needs to track the ROI, along with exploring options to get higher returns. The mobile app analytic tools help users in taking informed decisions based on a wider view of the mobile application’s performance. In addition to measuring the performance of your mobile app, the analytic data can also be used to manage the application efficiently. The timely availability of the detailed and significant information will further help you in implementing the right strategy to get higher ROI.

The mobile app analytic tools are also effective in tracking and evaluating the performance of your application across different mobile platforms. So it becomes easier to build a popular brand by delivering consistent user experience across multiple mobile operating systems.

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