How are 2nd hand markets turning apps into money makers

Most app makers are always on the lookout for ideas on which they build their apps and these ideas should be personal to the makers and they should be confident as well as comfortable enough to work with it, so that the ultimate result is mind-boggling. But nowadays the concept of flipping or selling through second hand or flea markets have become very popular. Most people can relate to this concept while trying to sell some of their used things. The idea in case of mobile applications works almost on the same principle. The creators of some app who do have the inclination or time to monetize or service the apps sell them at fixed amount of money. The applications are then tweaked if needed and monetized or resold to some other party.

Hire mobile app programmerThis concept has found much popularity due to the fact that it is not only easy to buy or sell apps but also for the fact that this concept makes quite a bit of money. Suppose the developer has spent some amount of money for the development but its popularity is not as much as he had hoped to be and he could find no apparent reason for that. The best solution for him is not to drag the weight and sell it off instead and make a neat profit. For the buyer also, this means a profit as he did not have to spend time and energy for the development. The buyer had plenty of time to gather info and input from outside, the users and he utilizes that to revamp the application at an extra cost that is not too much. If he is successful in fixing the glitches then it turns to be a money-maker for him.

Many a times, being too close to the project, the actual developers cannot really find the flaws, but the buyer can. In fact, there are many times when after the revamping the buyer again sells the app to its original creator for a neat profit. In a way both the parties are gainers.

This secondary market of mobile apps is a thriving one with many people opting for it and why should not they, given the win-win situation and simple as well as easy way of doing this. You do not need to resort to fancy sites for the bidding or selling; a blog or even a Facebook page is suffice. In fact, many prefer Facebook as its social aspect helps the fast build-up of the business. Besides this there are other sources as well like Apptopia, which allows you to leverage work done by someone else through license or purchase of source code. Apptopia allows you to get the app to store immediately, even before beginning the revamping or re-skinning procedure. Any other marketplace for source code does not allow you that liberty; the game has to be re-skinned before being launched, which adds up time.

While opting for such apps by purchasing the source code, it is better to buy code engines which have many number of levels or is “endless” in other words. The reasons for opting for this are:

  • More opportunities for advertising which is the most important
  • the user can be made happy
  • few In app purchases can be sold
  • re-skinning of multiple versions becomes a whole lot easier.

However, while on the re-skinning process it is best to note that the content should be left alone. The only thing that you should be re-skinning is the graphics. Also the theme that you choose for the app is very important; so opt for popular trends and flashy designs that can attract users.

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