5 Things to Keep in Mind While Designing a Mobile App

With the population across the globe getting increasingly mobile savvy, organizations are rapidly realizing the fact that developing a mobile app is more of a necessity than a luxury. However, a large gap exists between wishing to have an app and designing or building one. Even brands or companies having a powerful online presence find it a challenging task to optimize their mobile applications.

Mobile app development

It is to be understood that an ideal app is a delicate blend between prudent engineering and skillful design, offering a great user-experience that ultimately leads to widespread adoption. Taking care of the beauty aspect is one of the crucial elements to consider while building a mobile application. Let us discuss 5 important things that a designer should consider while designing an app.

  • User Interface: It should be remembered that people prefer intuitive, simple as well as beautiful interfaces. A great idea backed by a poor design is sure to make a negative impact among the target audience. To come up with great designs, companies should hire the best UI/UX designers. It is also advisable to download some effective apps from the AppStore. By studying these, one can get well-versed with the best tactics and become capable of providing significant guidance to the developer. Moreover, it should be taken into account that mobile apps have tailor-made UI conventions. Going for the consistent methods always helps to catch the attention of the end-users.
  • Consider the touch aspect: In a majority of cases, mobile apps would be used by holding them in hand. Therefore, it would be good to consider the ergonomics and touch parameters. Just think of how the cellular device would be held in the hand and especially how the thumb would be positioned. That is the reason why a number of applications come with selectors and main menus at the bottom of the screen with content close to the screen’s top. It is a great idea to make use of visual cues to reveal that a particular item is touchable or has been subject to touch.
  • Keep in mind the various screen sizes: First of all it should be remembered that mobile interfaces are much smaller when compared to their desktop counterparts. So, while developing a mobile app, avoid interfaces that are suitable for bigger monitor screens and also keep away from loading great amount of information on a single screen. Given the same mobile platform, resolutions and screen sizes may also differ according to the device type. As a result, to develop an application that offer a consistent look and feel so far as the targeted devices are concerned, graphics as well as other user-interface elements should be scalable.
  • Leave some thought for the battery: It is a proven fact that users avoid apps which take a toll on their phone battery. To ensure optimal use of battery, it is advisable to keep away from unnecessary animations and background tasks, as well as minimize the use of location services. Make sure that you are using location services that leverage GPS. Moreover, do not include background tasks until and unless they are an absolute necessity, because apps running in background usually consume large amounts of battery power.
  • Customization for the end-user: It is crucial for a mobile app designer to keep the user in mind. Take into account the context within which the end-user will interact with the app. To reach effective customization, consider getting the creation tested by the least tech-savvy person you know. It is good to consider things like whether the font operates across manifold languages, if there are loads of white text against a dark background leading to poor readability, and so on.

A well-designed mobile app always makes a mark in the minds of the audience. Following the above-mentioned guidelines will definitely help organizations as well as developers come up with successful and attractive apps.

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