Why Do You Want ColdFusion 10?

ColdFusion was originally launched in 1995 as a rapid web application development platform. But the platform is being updated on a regular basis by Adobe to meet the ongoing trends in technology and web development. Nowadays, it is being used widely by developers across the world to build websites and intranets driven by data. Also, its features make it easier for programmers to easily generate Flash remoting, SOAP web services and other remote services.

Coldfusion web developmentHowever, Adobe has released the latest version of ColdFusion with a set of features to enable programmers to build, deploy and maintain a variety of enterprise web applications at a rapid pace. ColdFusion 10 further offers a set of features to make web applications more dynamic and interactive using Java Enterprise Edition (EE) platform. If you are yet to adopt the server-side technology, it is time to understand some of its main features and benefits.

5 Reasons Why Web Application Developers Need ColdFusion 10

1. HTML5
HTML5 is widely used by developers to build a variety of websites and web applications including social networking, ecommerce portals, online games, podcasts and online collaborative projects. Adobe has designed ColdFusion 10 with built-in support for HTML5 web sockets. The features makes it easier for developers to execute multiple data push commands, while publishing data to multiple clients and getting real time server response. Also, the latest version of ColdFusion allows developers to access and manipulate HTML5 charts by through the CFCHART tag. The inbuilt HTML support further helps programmers in improving user experience by building robust and engaging websites.

2. Tomcat Application
Adobe has further designed the latest version of ColdFusion with an inbuilt server that is the modified version of Apache Tomcat application. The modified version of the application also has a nifty cache tool that can be used as a real time web server. The application helps users in staying tuned to the latest web development standards and security updates, while availing the active support of seasoned developers. The feature enabled developers to optimize the performance and efficiency of the applications by quickly creating cache portions of the pages that are not updated frequently. Further, the feature makes it easier to update, mange and modify the websites by processing the internet code at a much faster pace.

3. Language Improvements
ColdFusion 10 also comes with enhanced scripting support, along with improved quality and readability of code. Along with increasing the pace of internet application development, the language improvements further allow programmers to have better control over the entire or portions of the project. Also, developers can use the feature to aggregate and divide large amount of tasks and code into smaller and easy-to-manage projects. The option to create small projects further makes it easier for programmers to rapidly build scalable Java EE applications for enterprises.

4. Create and Publish Web Services
Along with rapidly developing a variety of websites and web application, programmers can further use ColdFusion 10 to create and publish web services. The updated version is further designed with support for SOAP 1.2, WSLD 2.0 specifications and document lateral wrapped style. At the same time, the developers can also use the revamped AXIS2 engine to avail web services support without putting any extra time and effort. On the whole, the feature help programmers in converting existing ColdFusion components into RESTful web services simply by adding a set of simple attributes.

5. Mobile App Development
With more and more people accessing websites on their mobile devices, it has become essential for enterprises to optimize their online portals to target popular mobile operating systems. The updated version of ColdFusion makes it easier for developers to build robust mobile applications supporting the out-of-the-box Representational State Transfer (REST). The REST web services along with JSON and XML serialization and de-serialization enable programmers to build web applications by targeting major mobile technologies. At the same time, HTML5 web sockets make it easier for them to facilitate smooth bidirectional communication.

Adobe further allows developers to choose from the enterprise, standard or developer edition of ColdFusion 10. At the same time, the server-side technology is also available on Amazon Web Services. So a user can always pick SharePoint 10 edition according to the needs of his project.

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What is the Best Test Case Design Method in Software Testing?

There are multiple test case design methods that are implemented and used by the software testing companies all over. The two most important ones are the Equivalence Class Partitioning and the Boundary Value Analysis. The methods imply that the evaluation case design managers must elaborate the required set of test cases. It has to be remembered in this respect that the conventional methods are not always used during the course of website testing and mobile application testing. However, prior to looking into the other methods and analyzing as to which one is suitable, let us delve a little deeper into understanding why sample evaluations are important and what is the procedure of writing the effective ones.

What are Test Cases?

Software quality assurance servicesSample tests basically include components that elaborate on inputs, actions, events or an anticipated response. The components are meant to find out if the features of the application are working in the right manner. Now, the primary objective of writing the sample tests is to approve the testing coverage of the particular application. These are written down for the purpose of bringing certain standardization while also minimizing the solution- centered approach in testing. The stipulated standards are strictly adhered to by those working in the CMMI QA testing services companies.

Procedure of Writing Test Cases

Writing test cases is a matter of much skill as well as expertise. Various things have to be kept in mind and these include the test case id, the unit that has to be tested or verified, the assumptions, if any, the steps to be executed along with the expected results.

For any application, a variety of test cases need to be included such as negative, boundary and functional test cases. Simplicity is the most important thing when it comes to writing these validation cases.

The Cause-Effect Graphing Method

As already mentioned, the traditional methods are often not used for mobile application testing or website testing. It is here that the Cause Effect Graphing Method comes to play. The method was proposed by Bill Elmendorf. He formulated the question of why the evaluations were needed by making use of the related software. The software elaborates on the required set of test cases that facilitates the entire functionality of the system. The very same procedures that are implemented in hardware logic circuit, are utilized by the cause-effect graphing method too.

The method paves the way for finding both kinds of faults, one that cancels the other as well as those that are made invisible by the other right things. Requirement document is what is most important in the initial stages of this particular procedure of evaluation. The method implies that every input in the requirement is a condition, which can be true or false.

Quality of Software Testing

Any kind of software evaluation, done by means of the different methods as well as techniques, is meant to ensure the quality of the software. Considering the importance of quality testing, it is essential to look into the ways that lead to the development of quality software.

  • To begin with, the developers should be entrusted with the responsibility of evaluating the quality. The lesser involvement of the developers often call for issues arising in the code and these issues are often quite difficult to fix as well.
  • Engaging the users is one effective way of allowing an impressive flow of code from the developer to the user base. Users get the chance to provide feedback on the software and hence, steer further developments in future. Quick response to the feedback is equally important.

Software testing has an importance of its own and there is no possible way in which this task can be eliminated. The importance of the test engineers is increasingly realized by one and all. Alongside, a software test strategy also needs to be created while this should necessarily include the automated, exploratory and manual evaluations that are particularly helpful in reducing risks.

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