The Publisher Mobile Surge By The Numbers – A Report

The surge in the mobile devices and Smartphones is noticeable right from the year 2006, which was also held as the “the year of mobile”. However, for the prominent publishers, the present year 2013 is actually the mobile year with the numbers of non-desktop traffic showing a steady increase. As such, publishers realize the need to cater to the mobile traffic with greater intensity compared to what they did even a few years back.

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A Comprehensive Report

Here is a comprehensive report on what the important publishers had to say regarding this particular surge along with the way this phenomenon influenced them.

  • To begin with, BuzzFeed, one of the most recognized publishers, confirmed that 50% of the total traffic to their properties comes from the mobile users. The percentage of overall traffic from non-desktop users, which was only 31% in April last year, has almost tripled. The rapid growth of the mobile audience is obvious.
  • Forbes, another important publisher, on the other hand, revealed that more than 35% of the visitors to the properties of Forbes came from the Smartphones along with other smart devices. The percentage was less than 25 even a year back, which again, recorded a significant surge.
  • The non-desktop web traffic to Huffington Post showed an immense growth of 20% between just two months, July to September of the present year, 2013.
  • Though not a publisher, the prominent video site, YouTube recorded about 41% of its total traffic coming from non-desktop users. The percentage, which was just 6 in 2011, effectively points out to the surge.
  • SheKnows revealed a significant figure of 42% page views coming from users of mobile instead of desktops only. A growth rate of 56% year-over-year could be deduced from what the publisher had to say. A major portion of the traffic from non-desktop users comprised of people using tablets as well as Smartphone devices too.
  • The Awl’ sites have more than 30% of the traffic coming from tablets and phones, recording a 39% increase when compared to the same period last year.
  • About 38% of the total page views of yet another publisher,, came from mobile users. A 58% increase was noticeable when the statistics of the last year was considered.

Factors Contributing to this Immense Surge

While the above-mentioned reports point out sufficiently well to the surge in usage of mobile, let us look in details at the possible reasons behind this phenomenon.

Brands Like Apple are continuously on the lookout for introducing newer and more user-friendly technology. For instance, the version 7 of the iPhone operating system brought about a lot of changes and certainly increased opportunities for the device users as well as the publishers.

Mobile devices have significantly influenced the lives of business professionals and consumers. Today, it represents 15% of the total global internet traffic and needless to mention, the rate is consistently on the rise.

Apart from mobiles and Smartphones, tablets also play an important role in occupying the market. An increased use of tablets further leads to a growth of the non-desktop users and urge the publishers to devise strategies to serve the smart device users better.

Apps come up as yet another reason behind the growing usage of tablets and Smartphones. As such, the promotional efforts put by the publishers and the digital newsstands are also driving substantial growth in paid digital subscriptions. To top all these, advertisers are adapting to the shifting paradigm in consumption of content and driving funds from desktop to the mobile platforms. Consequently, by 2017, it is expected and estimated by the eMarketer that mobile will take up about 36% of the total digital ad spend.

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