7 Important Traits of a Great Mobile Learning App

With the growing popularity and increased use of the mobile hand held devices, these are being used for a number of purposes. These days, the devices are being implemented for delivering corporate and academic training, performance based applications, simulations- based learning as well as game- based learning solutions. Now, to execute these tasks with care and effectiveness, one needs to develop some excellent mobile learning applications.

So, what should be a great mobile learning app like or what must be the essential features of such a learning application? Here is a list of the 7 most important ones:

Top mobile app development companies1. High Interactive Quotient

An ideal application should be such that interacts with the target audience in the best- possible manner. When it comes to a learning app, the content that it puts forward is of utmost importance and hence must incorporate the following features:

  • It should be synthesized well
  • It must be presented in an attractive and functional manner
  • The content must be accurate while also being without any possible flaw
  • It should be relevant to the extent of catering to the exact learning requirements as well as fulfilling the learning objectives.

High level of interactivity justifies the development of the app.

2. Easy and Hassle-Free to Modify and Personalize

Making the content interactive is not just enough. Modifying and adjusting it as per the needs of the learner is essential to ensure high level of engagement. The users should be able to personalize the app and this is particularly true for the gaming applications. Kids love apps that keep them engaged and help them acquire new knowledge. This new knowledge is often applied to real- life scenarios too.

3. Eligible of Prompting Positive Feedback

A learning app for a hand held device must have all those attributes that pave the way for positive feedback from the learners. Now, the app makers keep the essential areas of concern of the learners in mind while being in the design process of the application. An appropriate application is one that not only receives proper feedback but also makes the learners get rid of their doubts, if any.

4. Facilitates Skill Development

An ideal learning app should have features that allow the learners to develop their skills. Now, skill development, in this respect, means acquiring the tools as well as techniques that can be used to gather resources to solve particular problems. The apps must contain activities and elements that urge the users to engage in high- order thinking.

5. Inter-generational Aspects

This feature is incorporated by the gaming apps that are particularly meant for the children. These applications are made to include traits that involve scopes for the involvement of the parents too. This way, the apps are made to have a greater appeal on all.

6. Usability and Functionality

A mobile learning application should be functional more than anything else. Users must not only be able to use it properly but also perform the required tasks once they have gained enough expertise in using the app. In the design procedure of any kind of application, the memorability of the same, that is, how much the users remember it even though they are not using it for some time, is also taken into consideration.

7. Incorporation of Social Interactions

Apps, these days, facilitate social integration, as this allows learners to engage in social interaction. This is something they just love doing. An excellent application would definitely be one that keeps the users excited and motivated all the time, whether by enabling them to be a part of the community or by some other ways.

A mobile learning application, in short, must have a combination of all the above- mentioned features to lead to an overall satisfactory experience of the users cum learners.

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Here’s Why Mobile Startups Prefer Apple’s iOS Over Google’s Android

Even with the immense popularity of Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS is being increasingly preferred by the users. Now, there are several reasons supporting the growth and development of the iPhone OS. For instance, the iOS apps ensure smooth operation on a small range of iPhones and iPads whereas when it comes to Android, there are numerous devices of different versions with equally varying screen sizes and processors. Let us look in details at why the mobile startups prefer Apple’s iOS over Google’s Android.

Reasons Behind Preferring Apple

Android mobile application developmentThe present scenario implies that a majority of the Android users are working with the most advanced version of this particular operating system. On the other hand and quite in contrast, about 93% of the Apple’s mobile device users were making use of the advanced version of the OS a day before iOS 7 was even released. The fragmentation of Android calls for high costs on part of the developers considering the point that they need different engineers for the different versions.

When it comes to the generation of revenue, it is found that the Apple’s App store generates more than double of the revenue generated by the Google’s app store. For the startups, this is a strong reason behind why they go for the former. Added to these are the several capital- raising issues encountered by the startups these days. As such, starting on two different mobile platforms becomes difficult resulting in an ultimate choice of Apple as the dominant platform instead of Android.

Arguments in Favor of the iPhone OS

Research on the matter reveals certain other points that make startups go for the operating system of Apple instead of the other. Here is a list of such points:

  • It is often argued that the iOS, being an out of the box app, is more functional while also working without flaws. Compared to this, a few users find the Android applications to be rather chunky and that too, loaded with notifications.
  • iphone operating system is considered to be better optimized than Android. Android is slower than the iOS. At the same time, a great advantage of Apple is that it checks every app prior to publishing them in the store and this is what makes it safer than Android.
  • The interface of iPhone OS is much simpler to use. This leads to the shortening of the initial learning curve and hence, is beneficial for the non hi-tech users. IOS is also regarded better than the other in terms of the touch feature and the running of the flash games.

A Few More Benefits of Apple iOS

  • Fluidity of the iPhone OS: The Apple hardware might have slower processors but the operating system is way faster and more fluid for most users. Apple puts utmost priority to the user interface, which somewhat compensates for the slow processors. The fluidity quotient of the other operating system in question, on the other hand, is the lowest.
  • Apple iPhone OS is More Easily Learnable: It is a widely held notion that the Apple iOS is more intuitive, offering users with a hassle- free experience of learning than the other operating systems. There are certain counter arguments, which point out to the fact that different people learn in different manner and therefore, the choice of platform is subjective.

All said and done, it is accepted that Apple is more concerned about the aspects of usability and design standards. The growing preference for the iOS largely owes to the consistently satisfactory experience that it has been providing users for quite a long time now. Notwithstanding the fact that Android looks excellent out of the box, it is the Apple iOS that stands above the former especially in case of mobile startups.

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