Steps to Migrate PHP Intranet site into SharePoint 2013

Today, SharePoint has possibly emerged as one of the best tools in the world of technology. However, there has still been an increase in the number of poor as well as unusable Intranets of the application. Most often, enterprises looking forward to migrate a PHP intranet to SharePoint often face issues in the endeavor of executing a successful migration.

So, how to achieve a successful migration and develop a good Intranet? Well, here is a quick look at the three steps to a successful migration that is sure to set the right path:

Always work with SharePoint 2010
SharePoint website developmentIt is understandable that you want to migrate to the 2013 version of the application software; after all, being an advanced product it comes with the goodness of cloud. However, for a successful execution, you must take it easy. The 2010 version, which was released in May 2010, obtained a service pack in June 2011. The latest 2013 version, which has just released might not be able to offer a stable experience. On the other hand, the 2010 version has been tested to provide a valid experience. Truly, there exists some limitations, but not without exact workarounds along with solutions. When it comes to using 2013, it is always wiser to give it a year for better development as well as improvement.

Avoid customizing the look and feel
Well, it is quite known that every organizations wants it logo to appear at the top left corner of every page. Additionally, you also want all the links to appear in a similar manner as against the PHP intranet alongside the header featuring a navigation communicating something about your brand. You want it to look as well as feel good. However, it must be noted that such aspects rarely matters in the case. After all, it is being developed for employee use and they already know you alongside being familiar to your logo along with brand values.

The job of the intranet is much bigger than just reinforcing the brand. It plays a better role in storing the document templates and helps in smart presentation of data related to employee performance. Furthermore, it also stands as the major engine of workflow behind your organization processes. Now, the brand is definitely important and your Intranet must exude a look and feel representing the same. However, it is more important for the intranet to function right. The focus must always rest with making a functional as well as rich intranet alongside focusing on the branding of the same.

Never completely end the project
You must always remember that developing an Intranet is not just a matter of few days or months. Indeed, organizations need to work on the same continuously. Disbanding the project team will never help in determining the success of the project. Starting with the development of Intranet is just the beginning and there is a lot of work that the enterprise needs to do with time. From placing fresh content to training the users concerning the refreshing courses, the application needs to accelerate the growth of your business as well as adapt to the changing requirements of the same.

You can achieve all these functionality along with benefits through SharePoint. The application not only helps in creating the front-end of your Intranet, but the back-end as well. For better execution of the migration process, the focus must rest on creating an Intranet team for ensuring better functionality of the same. The application software comes with task lists, email alerts, calendars, and special project site templates. You have a knowledge of all these because you are constantly telling your end users about all the features. The key lies in starting to use all the features for a better experience.

Therefore, to execute a successful migration during SharePoint website development process, you must focus on the long-term end of the project and follow the above-mentioned stapes carefully for experiencing the best of SharePoint, 2013.

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