DotNetNuke vs. SharePoint – 8 Solid Reasons Why Favor SharePoint?

SharePoint and DotNetNuke are in high demand these days as they are the most preferred and popular web application development platform and content management system respectively. Now, SharePoint is favored more due to certain reasons. Here is a brief overview of the grounds on which SharePoint can be regarded as being more beneficial than DotNetNuke or the similar other platforms.

SharePoint developers

1. Documentation
SharePoint facilitates very easy as well as comprehensive documentation while an average kind of documentation is offered by DotNetNuke. Document collaboration in this platform is absolutely hassle- free. Compared to the traditional and conventional method of document sharing, documentation in this platform allows emailing of files back and forth. Additionally, versioning as well as check in/out alerts add to the advantages of documentation in this platform.

2. Product Development
Microsoft SharePoint comes with a brand new product development application that helps the product development teams to work with the help of a collaboration tool. As such, product development is executed faster in this medium compared to that of DotNetNuke.

3. Creation of Blog Site
This web application development platform comes with a built-in blog site template, including all the facilities to enhance the level of collaboration, share knowledge as well as publish news and updates. Hence, creation and maintenance of blog site is rather easy in SharePoint. The same activity in DotNetNuke, on the other hand, involves extra costs.

4. Chat Options
Chat can easily be implemented in SharePoint, where it comes as a Free Add-on. The feature is totally unavailable in DotNetNuke.

5. Photo Gallery Feature
The platform has an in-built photo gallery feature. As such, profile pictures are used to make the pages appear more inviting and interesting. The platform allows profile pictures of three different thumbnails to be used in varying contexts. This photo gallery feature comes as an ‘add on’ in DotNetNuke and involves extra costs.

6. Survey
The survey feature of SharePoint makes it stay one more step ahead of DotNetNuke. The Survey feature can be easily enabled using the settings. For the DotNetNuke, on the other hand, this survey feature comes as a free add on.

7. Subscriptions
SharePoint has in-built subscription feature, something that is totally absent when it comes to DotNetNuke. The former offers support for site subscriptions, which can be considered as a collection of sites, subscribing to a set of settings, service partitions as well as individual features. These site subscriptions are also termed as tenants and they can be managed by means of a new administration site template. Creation of a site subscription object in this web application development platform necessitates the administrator to create a SPSiteSubscription object and add a SPSite object to the SPSiteSubscription.

8. Link Management
Managing a set of links in this much preferred platform is quite hassle- free, as the same has this feature incorporated into it. Link management helps in keeping track of the essential website URLs. These links are available to anyone who logs in. Link management feature is a free add on in DNN but not in-built as it is in SharePoint.

Owing to the above- mentioned advantages and many more, SharePoint has indeed turned out to be an inseparable part of the daily business operations. It works with commendable ease and efficiency when it comes to collaborating designs as well as carrying out technical documentation. Whether it is with regards to document management or issue tracking, the platform gives utmost advantage to the SharePoint application development team while also enabling them to come up with the best- possible outcomes.

DotNetNuke is a favorite content management system too, but when it comes to comparing it with SharePoint, the latter is obviously more beneficial, which becomes explicit from a glance at the prominent points that help make the difference.

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