The 5 Most Relevant PHP Frameworks in 2013

Most developers use PHP frameworks to build robust web applications without putting extra time and effort. Each framework also comes with a set of classes and functions to help programmers in writing code in a quicker and structured way. Also, the PHP frameworks make it easier to implement specific design patterns. For instance, a programmer can use the Model-View-Control (MVC) architecture to separate the database-talking-code from the code related to the look and feel of the application.

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As a developer has option to choose from a variety of frameworks, he often chooses the one that complements the specific requirements of the project. It is also important for a programmer to evaluate the pros and cons of each framework to take the best decision. However, each web application developer can avail some additional advantages by switching to some of the most popular PHP frameworks. So programmers must keep track of the most relevant PHP frameworks.

5 Most Relevant PHP Frameworks in 2013

Symfony: As free software, Symfony is popular among web developers across the world to build and maintain robust internet applications at a rapid pace. The framework is further effective in replacing the repetitive coding tasks with speed, flexibility and reusable components. Along with supporting the MVC system, Symfony also comes with a set of PHP code classes. A programmer also has option to use specific software building blocks like forms management, translation management and dependency injector.

Yii: The component based PHP framework is designed with the features and tools required to build web 2.0 applications. The combination of powerful caching system and features to work seamlessly with AJAX enables developers to build the application at a rapid pace. At the same time, Yii also enable programmers to use the MVC pattern to separate presentation and business logic. The framework also makes it easier for programmers to optimize the security of the website by availing features like output filtering, input validation, SQL injection and option to prevent cross-site scripting.

CakePHP: As an open source web application development framework, CakePHP is designed based on some of the widely used software design patterns and software engineering concepts. The framework is further written in PHP, and supports MVC architecture. CakePHP further makes it easier for programmers to set up the database, and start developing the website without using any complex XML or YAML files. Also, a programmer can avoid writing longer lines of code by availing features like database access, caching, translation, authentication and validation.

Laravel: Laravel is hugely popular among PHP developers as a classy and clean framework that does not require spaghetti coding. In addition to supporting a variety of databases including SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite and Postgres, the framework also allows programmers to create templates using the Blade templating engine. As Laravel is developed based on key Symfony components, it provides a solid foundation to the website through code that is reliable and well-tested. It is also powered by a composer that allows seamless integration of third-party applications into a website.

Zend: PHP programmers across the world use Zend as a PHP-based and object oriented web application development framework. The framework also has many open source contributors who are passionate about making coding easier. The framework is popular due to its effectiveness in building high-traffic websites and business-critical web applications at a rapid pace. It also allows users to secure the application by using a set of cryptographic and secure coding tools. At the same time, the programmers have option to adapt Zend according to the specific needs of the project, along with integrating seamlessly with other applications and frameworks.

The PHP frameworks are further being upgraded at regular intervals. The latest version of the framework also comes with a set of innovative tools and features to complement the current trends in php application development. So businesses must monitor the fluctuations in the popularity of these frameworks among PHP developers, because of the updates happening in the frameworks and choose one for their needs after precise validation and matching against their needs.

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