Introduction of How Android Works for Java Programmers

A constant increase is noted in the number of people using their mobile devices to access the web. In addition to gathering information and data from various online sources, people also use mobile devices to carry out various types of regular and financial transactions. At the same time, the mobile devices are widely used to play games, listen to music, watch videos, and use apps. In comparison to other mobile operating system, Android is more popular among both users and mobile application developers. The huge popularity of the mobile platform has further made application development for the mobile platform one of the most popular trends in Java programming.

Android app programming services

Most developers, with prior knowledge and experience in Java, are showing interest in developing Android apps. Some of these programmers also keenly follow the latest trends in smartphone application development to impress clients by building a hugely popular interface. If you have experience in writing Java programmers, you can avail several benefits by learning Android for Java programmers. Along with building mobile applications to target millions of users, you will get the opportunity to implement your innovative ideas and creativity. Also, the similarity between Android and Java APIs make it easier for you to acquire new programming skills without putting any extra time and effort.

Why a Java Programmer can Easily Switch to Android Programming?

Easy to Understand the Android API: If you are familiar with Java API, it will be easier for you to learn how Android works. The Android API is very much similar to the Java API. But it does not support all classes available in the J2SE SDK. It only supports some of the key and critical Java classes. Google has further provided a Java API to make it easier for programmers to write code. The API is also effective in compiling the code into class files. So you only need to learn a set of new features and classes to switch to Android programming.

Tutorials to Learn Android SDK: When a Java programmer decides to build Android apps, it becomes essential to understand how to install the Android SDK, and set up the initial environment to develop applications. The experienced developers and beginners have options to choose from a variety of tutorials. Along with designing the app, the tutorials can further help them to learn how to incorporate advanced features like location service, social media and Google maps. Once you decide the features and functionality of the app, you can refer to the tutorials to implement the ideas perfectly to boost user experience.

Option to Use Same Development Tools: Often Java programmers use customized tools to optimize user experience without writing lengthy code. But some mobile operating systems like iOS do not allow programmers to use the existing tools. A programmer is required to learn the iOS SDK and Objective C to start building applications for Apple devices. On the other hand, a Java programmer can use the same tools for Android programming. For instance, a programmer has option to build Android apps by using IDE like Eclipse. So you can develop robust smartphone apps at a rapid pace using the tools you are familiar with.

Enhance the Compatibility of Your Web Applications: The popularity of a web application, nowadays, depends on its compatibility with different operating systems, browsers and devices. A constant increase is also noted in the number of users accessing the websites and web applications on their Android devices. The clients also require the website developers to make the website compatible with popular mobile operating systems. As Java is being used widely to build websites, it will be easier for developers to make the applications compatible with Android. Further, they can easily integrate innovative features to make the website popular among millions of Android device users.

Each Java programmer can switch to Android programming to avail a number of benefits. Along with retaining the clients, he can develop an application to reach millions of users. Also, a developer has option to use customized Java frameworks to build Android apps. The frameworks enable android widget development teams to build robust mobile applications without writing longer lines of Java Code.

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